Green Act, America1st, $3 trillion.

Green Act $3 trillion America1st. The only sustainable economy. Response Yale Professor Roach. Stewardship is important. 6 months and counting to get results ecologically. Not bubble. Like nascent battery industry only keep industrial secrets. Capitalize on economies of scale in sustainable fashion. $450 billion in green impetus to be accounted for. Green money. $650 billion needing “accurate and correct” handling and stewardship. Confirms a willingness to live generations-to-generations destiny spending money. Next 6 months literal dead-line. New normal. Next 8 years literal dead-line. New normal. Next 250 years of literal deadline. New normal and 2nd nature despite anticipated setbacks. Brand new economy. Instead of “how to build a rocketship.” It’s “how to return to Earth and solve our problems before our exoplanet looks just like Mars or Venus.” The only real economy. “Everything else” or somethings else are “Enrons” doting the financial horizon. -Abraham Boulder

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