War conversion

Either we fight for human singularity.

That Hong Kong be number one in business–a world-class leader of China to esteemed China for developing the science, the technology, the lifestyles of a green tomorrow–today.

And America competes.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy

To be number 1 in the world in green business!

To be the creative energy. The very chanq in emergent physics, chemistry. biology, idea-quantum “fields of rows of streaming grain” (string-theory) of causal sets of data points . . . of creative. practical, innovative, game changing paradigm shifting complete-ideas.

Ideologies and idealogues of commerce of constructive science of constructive technologies and regaining of simplicity in some of our lifestyles.

A Host of ideologies in efferescence to the mind’s eye as jazzy bubbly above the crown of the head with future, commerce, future business associates, successful stewardships here and abroad!

To five senses with a metanormal singular focus on chanq wielded for constructive endeavor, constructive achievement in literal dead-lines. To breathe! To pump blood! To mess less with the head!

Simplicity and fusion of citrus and lime drink and refreshing filtered technologically clean water.

Complexities grasped by AI fusion quantum computer tools by human command. AI firewall. AI anti-virus. AI anti-malware.

Human command.

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