Deed done by literal dead-lines.

We Man, and Woman accept Nietszche’s “God is dead!”

We then think.  Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step directs that “we cannot do it ourselves.”

So we think (IQ) we feel (EQ) (AffectiveQ) we honor SpiritualQ (healthy constructive values and meaning) we prick up our ears to WisdomQ (WQ; does not put us to sleep with its subject–the jew; it raises our fancy and we are alarmed to its clarity of sound-ness in reasoning).

“Harken to my ear at last!  Hear the ‘Clarion call’ it calls us forward.  Watch your step.  This to be done (‘deed done’) constructively.  Do you hear, constructively!”

The deeds get done!

We think God. So God is. Our Sacred Carrot leads us pulls us forward. Our hearts align with true north, true south, true east and true west.

So rest up lads and lassies.  Those of matrimony and those single parents.  We relax when “deeds done.”

To act is to need a Defense.  Because when we coordinate action we battle for life, not death.  So we need a coordinated Defense. It would be great if taxpayer money went to Defend start ups as the New Economy needing defense for living.  For life!  We act. We defend!

Abraham Boulder.  –Keven.

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