Prophet, profit, applied depth psychologist, Christian, philosopher.

Does this hold as prophesy?

Beyond Post-Modern science not religion (not scientism).

Religion not science except behavioral science.

Supermarket prophesy (compare & critique) vs. 1600 reformation apocalypse and Armageddon.

Carl Jung post-apocalypse after WWII.

Abraham Boulder post-end-of-days for less than 6 mos., 1 year, 2030, 2050, 2100, 2220, 2270. Plenty to keep us busy to stay out of trouble, stay out of mischief.

Carl Jung: Jesus believed in in non-science. Science just is. (Not a belief system.) 1,000 years of religious peace with science in beyond post-modern era. Private prayer acceptable in beyond post-modern times. The peace Christians can gain for themselves.

Wars scaled down to avoid nuclear bombardments including electronic knock-outs because of (1) Chernobyl, (2) Fukyushima, (3) three possible explosions in Central Asia, (4) four possible explosions in North Korea, (5) two possible explosions in South Korea. Fusion power mishaps.

Conclusion: we are decimating world population in northern hemisphere.

War does not need nuclear detonation. Loser’s war if nuclear arsenal engaged.

Reevaluate jew in 1,000 year peace between Jesus and science.

Jew is science and the only one God, Creator, God of beginnings. Chanq energy. Generation-to-generation human matter for chanq destiny.

Ancient Greek fate is toga party fatalistic. Impossible. Useless. Not worthy the time, effort. Too much scholarship and rearing for sound judgement. A hopeless intelligence.

WQ, wisdom intelligence grabs you by the collar and “shakes your timbers.” Says, “this wisdom doesn’t put you to sleep: agape.”

Let us keep up with literal deadlines.

Let us respond correctly for coinvid19.

Then correctly on this exoplanet so it’s universal laws do not make it a Mars or Venus.

Abraham Boulder

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