Totalitarian State

Such a State entails world “whole” consciousness.

Communist fascist party uses psychoses as the back of the head, hidden brain subconscious as consciousness “of the whole” world consciousness.

They consciously receive unconscious material or data in affect intelligence cloaked by Western private, personal unconscious and common unconscious.

Western mental health does not receive the impetus of full psychoses subliminal training.

They do better, not to.

But the data can be collected by an intiutive that takes Professor Kahneman’s caveats seriously.

Remember, at the beginning of the book the conditional clause is highlighted saying that the professor handles intuitive cases deftly that do not work intuitively. This does not imply that intuitive information cannot ever be valid and consequently, of value.

Using an intuitive in “twilight consiousness” can be rewarding.

(I am an intuitive.)

Abraham Boulder

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