“Constructive makes profits.” -Abraham Boulder

Decompensation into brain disorder
because of overdose of chemical or bio agent or unhealthy doses of radioactive agents; and toxicity accumulation represented behaviorally by homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens) sinister forces brought about by pollution and unclean cooking from  unclean water and unclean hands resulting in dead brain matter, damaged brain matter, missing brain matter from family taboo, war or auto crash or mental health actions that are invasive.

These are the things that can turn a top official to engage in misappropriating funding from their budget or taxpayers’ money and engage in “secret prisons” torturing and maiming, or outright murdering United States constituents on our
American soil, as “expendables.”

Inalienable right to “life, liberty, [even] pursuit of happy occasions (paraphrased)”

and again in Article/U.S. Contitutional Amendment 14 we find constituents’ rights to “life, liberty, and property.”

In Washington State constitution and Rev. Code (WA) there is the right to die when the patient says so if tetminally ill–assisted by a physician.

But with regard legally to life, we have a history of warring for freedom to live free from death after battle if the criminal does not take life against this unalienable right for constituent law.

I direct the attention of the Directors, Agency heads, even the Czar of information (Top Dog).

To the Suprene Court judges and Head of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Life is not just a matter of pregnancies or abortions from which we beat each other up.

Life has meaning to be lived.  Constituents need to keep the law for living life.  Not just for sex at a Toga Party. And suicide.

Veterans have served their country so that it’s constituents strive to afford good housing, meals, transportation and raising children.

For the single adult, life is to be lived with fate in mind; perhaps Nietzchian in the statement “be satisied with life when it is good, when it is bad and leave life to die in peace.”

We must allow life, homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens and the physical brain development (neurodevelopment) of homo sapiens sapiens sapiens resulting from (1) discovering fire once again (fusion pioneers) and (2) trade “braintrust” whereby the Information Age matures and we maintain human control to AI quantum tool so that the Information Age Economy restructures brain matter to an advanced evolved human form.

Life also means to not make “monsters” from human form.  That brain density is encouraged whereby we develop efficient and effective homo sapiens form to increase afficacy in practical matters.

To this end, I Abraham Boulder, direct your attenton to my life.

I have been tortured with bio/chemical/raidoactive

Yesterday I was subjected to a laser gun that was pointed at my circumscision to burn it off (or at least threatened in such a manner).

I want my constitutional rights.  I want to live a life without subtle physical violence assaulting me at home.

I’m asking for the decency to end this North Korean prison camp I’ve been subjected to (as talked about in a popular business book about employee handling).

Please turn it off.  Completely.

Abraham Boulder.

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