East German

Toxicity (see “constructive makes profit” issued earlier) vs. (1)Before spirit and materialism (a sacred, assist of a front-and-upper tied tubour); (2)serenity and universal ceiling of sanity mentality, (3)secularly movement “forward.”

(4) relative is defined as “supermarket comparison” i.e., this vs. that vs. another thing and what is chosen 3, 4, 5 things to choose from, singularly!

12-step, God, the Higher Power because we can’t do it by our own therefore we allow philosophically, applied depth psychiatrically and “profit prophetically (of practical manners), constuctive Jungian achievement and Jungian Christian consciousness challenged and meeting and surpassing the limits set by an actual, significant margin (that means “cost-effectiive” margin, beyond, business or personal secular goal limits).

Abraham Boulder

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