Establishing a drug cartel

Harnessing micro interference with genitalia, and titrating waste streams to the cranium to cause brain cognitive faculties to be numbed to a degree .  .  .  .

Much publicity made for humongous samples jettisoned into Pacific Northwest to engage in “operation samos of Brave New World.”

To pacify even the most determined whom seek to solve our current problems and make huge profit by adding valuation to these exoplanet Earth answers.

To turn around this rush to destroy a future for the human race and its evolution higher forms of life (not without historical destructive opposition; not without a push for a dismal fate for the human species vs. human destiny of “generations-to-come.”)

Fashioned for constructive worthiness, negative or positive in global affect.

Essentially positive to prevent burn-out or total burn-out from negativuty.

Global competition in the negative to admit to ourselves, that we default to failure in our attempts to get a grip on our climate crisis needs.

That we default to insufficient effective effort to reach mandatory goals by 2030, 2050 and 2100.

That we are therefore:  not naive in any attempts we make in meeting literal deadlines.

That progress comes from real achievement in the earth sciences, as well as the complex sciences.

And doom to doomsayers is apt and proper, provided we don’t resolve ourselves to a return of naiveté. And fake effort.

Abraham Boulder

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