Scenario profile

Whose the subject?

Samos is here.  Before it was hypothetical Ph.D.
Psy.D., Psychtneuro behavioral science.

Genetic extinction by pleasure.

Homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens?


American experiment in the toilet?

What if the batch was not to be distributed without correct dispenser.

What if it’s hot intel and Phil has his own web intel devices.

What if it’s materialogy.  And whomever’s Coke can, does the job  with no waste, and cheap but fancy branding, and dispensing.

Creates the new world order in behavioral science.

Someone sees the $trillions coming in and for this operation to continue indefinitely.

Fated to hybrid geek cheese balls?

Generations-to-come-destiny of variety necessary by biogenetic law.

Directive for evolving aptitude and intelligence, IQ, EQ, AQ, SQ, WQ, wisdom intelligence not Moses, not Buddah, but spoken maybe softly that speaks correctly as PsyD. at the correct time globally after 300,000  years of homo sapiens evolution.

Maybe we save the American experiment and not let this new world order suck the currency out the dream market green innovation and applied technology market.

Arab cable illegal wiretapping, two studios near 149th Ave SE. 13 cam cameras in Unit D9.

Arab humor, Arab farts, Arabs in casinos, Arabs money betting against American lives.

I think we have a situation where our country is up “shit’s creek” and the leaders are relying on Arab money to sell us all Americans “down river.”

All due respect for Arab legitimate business and Arab legitimate businessmen.

Is this really “the Russian ballet” and really Jews from an ideology of Prussian Russians and Germans?

Abraham Boulder

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