Neurosyphilis curly worm with viral, not medically treated in time.


String theory strumming lyre for harmonic order and sets of data points revealing causal information that may be sufficient for evolution to have feedback on “strumming” focus A to locus B; focus B to locus C and so on, such that simple organisms move on to complex organisms.

The strum is “complete ideas” in universe consciousness, termed “idea quanta.”

I want homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens to live for “generations-to-come” as his and her Destiny.

A present given to Christ-Satan that without present we find eternity non-defined and completely in limbo.

The present defines eternity with a past and future.  The time on earth is a potential blessing in a soul predetermined to hell before, during, and after earthly existence.

The ability to say, then, “yes,” to earth-occasion or “present” in eternal hell.

Abraham Boulder

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