What to do when he just doesn’t get it

Change direction, Mr. President-elect.

Stop using Philip Bertrum Devinsky, Allen Weg, and Joel Plawsky.

Their “Nixon’s plumbers.”

It’s a coup d’etat, in a real sense with regard to your movement, your direction.

Abraham Boulder

The nation is Thomas Jefferson self-evident.

Phil is illegally wiretapping upstairs and he can be seen from studios (2) near the street.

It went throughout the world and is 3rd world behavior.

I dare say that there was and is a continued effort to character-assassinate Abraham Boulder by the President-elect.

And I believe they were or are still heading by the two top leaders towards totalitarianism.

Use of nano tubes were used courtesy of MIT and frat behavior employed by putting human filth at my butt hole while I laid on the couch–fully aware that I am 63 years old and that if I were to get sick (AIDs, neurosyphilis) from these tube content from upstairs or below in the dirt concealed compound, it could kill me.

My entire family is atrocious. They treat a recovered mentally ill member as is if he or she still had their tzourus or mental problems whereby they may feel medication is vodoo and carry heavy loads with no remedies psychologically or neurochemically.

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