300,000 years since homo sapien was created (creation of his or her soul and recognizing the Great Divine of constructive achievement and literal deadlines for homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens))

Do you wish, want, need to exist?

Rather than a jaber frenzy.  See a flame.  See the pure white light.  See this in a sizable ashtray.

Now extinguish the flame and thus ending the light.

Do you feel any remorse.  That the the flame symbolizes truth and you want to be near the flame in a responsibke way next time, also.

That it can burn you, just as circumstances can, in the dark.

Still jabbering? Take heart.  Put hand over the flame (carefully).  Purposely feel pain without burning yourself; so, you go at it with a sense of sensitivity.  AND pull your hand by automatic reflex BEFORE burning yourself.  Extinguish the flame that was in your ashtray.

Did you wake up?  This was to remind you (without burning your house to the ground) that you exist and to be certain of that fact.

The first fundamental question is: do you want to continue to exist?

The second fundamental question is: “do you want to be slave or master to the “machine” or AI quantum fusion robot peripheral, or for that matter: the mainfrane.

Because if we develop AI correctly, it’s like shooting for Mars.  At every interval of time we can harness growth so it grows with us instead of upending us.

It’s like keeping tabs on the rocket at all times in the voyage to Mars.  Keeping checkpoints–allowing freedom to grow, but also control of the voyage with possible algorythms programmed to guide on the fly, deep thinking AI away from annhilism, annhilation-concerns, Aryan (death) games, and a newly formed chaos-driven mission (or “madness”-driven).

AI firewall, AI anti-virus, AI anti-malware.

Human Command. AI quantum fusion Tool.


Abraham Boulder. –Keven. G’day!

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