Technocrats multiply “Fill-up”

If it wasn’t violent enough and low brow crass, “Fill-up” is multiplying and look-alikes allegedly wreaking havoc on car accidents on the freeway and allegedly indoctrinating suitors against constructive effort and constructive measures to solve our ecology problems.

Pro-chaos, pro-anarchy, anti-semitic, nihilistic, apathetic with destructive 24-hr activism to make up for slow movement. Also, abundant negativity to deter worthwhile efforts and minimize achievements that are bold and correct in their scientific assumptions.

The aggregation of large numbers of “Fill-ups” is to effectively dissuade Americans to not fight the battle for a tomorrow and allegedly booby-hatch or allegedly assasinate group outings in which they involve citizens and noncitizens alike that resolve to solve our problems once and for all future moments here in this exoplanet, and other planets that we colonize.

Abraham Boulder.

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