Think about this!

I was watching “Robots,” an animation, lot’s of fun.

They use a lot of mechanical parts and it’s done exceedingly well.

I think they are using computer graphics for some ‘infinity” shots and some travel and the city with Mr. Bigweld.

Now we have made ourselves to be machines.  In exercise, in health.

The theme of the movie is old machines to super robots.

The machines rebel.

But I think the moral of the story is this:

Take the machine parts and evolve to computer graphics “cat” design.

Then the computer has the mechanics digitized in the graphics-computer-machine as a function of aeronautics engineering and automobile engineering.k

As a tool and advanced machine.

With human command.

Thereby humans don’t morph into hybrid human machines for real with never ending brain loss such that you become isolated in your own body with all the digital, quantum mechanics such that what is really going on is a high-end lobotomy to miming electronics that mirror only “what once was:” a homo sapiens, live man woman, or child(ren).

-Keven. Abraham Boulder.

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