The upbeat, and the seasons

Fear tempered does not fall and fail to the wolf but strengthen the wings of the bald eagle soaring beside angels with angel wings.

And the demonic  pause to hear from above the call to strengthen sinew and venison stew. To carry on and carry forthwith the hearty and “merry crew” and fulfill deadlines today, the ‘morrow and ever’mor.

“Be strong, and busy yourselves so that your achievements satisfy your ambitions, while you follow the pace of seasons on this exoplanet Earth.

And search your soul and wit for wherewithal and muster to complete our ends for generation-to-generations-to- come be they homo sapiens (sapiens) or (sapiens)!

Be they eternal bliss or predestined darkness give a present–the present of earth.  The mercy of God and the perception of what was before, what was present and what is forward in eternal time.

Abraham Boulder -Keven.

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