Woe to me

Be it troubling (to me only) that my cousin, working in an advanced lab has been allegedly brain damaged causing aggression and toxicity causing sinister behavioralism.

Like feeling wise when smoking cigarettes about an existential understanding of reality (how it can empower for the “now” moment and build confidence for that post-smoke moment).

How do I know that my alleged esteemed lab director or co-director and possible professor at an esteemed academic institution is allegedly professing and promoting brain damage and neurotoxic adsorption with the direct behavioral science results of allegedly overly aggressive and sinister undertakings–so sinister as to allegedly impress a judge that, “oh, he is really important;” therefore to allegedly condone his horror and terror in action and leave the state of societal ethics to the level of these horrid computer games take whereby a head comes bloody off and another body graphically is blown to bits.

What is annoying is such an esteemed figure would lead society and a family member, me for one, to this horrible level to soothe his ego, taking rights, my rights, which do not belong to him; and to treat me like “respected” scum that no man, woman, or child should ever have to experience, nor wants in their life.

Abraham Boulder

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