Take notice

Presently, Phil is a diabolical mental case and retard.

My brother is legally dead.

What money goes to me must legally be mine.

Abraham Boulder

P.S. What’s left are Fill-ups that use brainwashing techniques of Pavlov’s dogs experiments.

In this technique, I am traumatized even medically stroked, such that this brainwashing sends my behavioral science to make me believe in the worse of man and not the best of man.

For me, to act in the worst of ways, instead of the best of ways.

It seems Langley has “lost their mind” or mission. That the top dogs are in Dubai and leaving the home turf to rot and to go to hell with central intelligence media.

I think it’s overdone, against honest Americans and world interest. And I think this central intelligence structure needs to be behind Ambassador Kerry and wake up to the clarion call that our species is number 1 and that influencing the media, or dumping in the media calls for constructive talk, accounting and reporting, and investigations on how we are doing at the megacorporate level.

A little more accountability and a little less “pleasure cruise.”


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