Pavlov’s dogs: brainwashing

So the bad guys work on someone.  They work in his psycho/politico/econo environs.   Building a bad, terrible surroundings while the target is good and  great.

Next, a trauma occurs, usually biologic or physical to use Pavlov’s dogs principle.  The dynamic while active trauma is occuring is psychiatric.  The bell rings during this traumatic event.

The dynamic at the time of trauma is going opposite to goodness,  greatness.  The values now picked from the environs are the worst diabolical villainy.  Nihilism, anarchy, chaos, negativity, mass murder, sorcery and occult of talking to the dead, sex with the dead, utter human body filth maintenance, and human body hosting to the snake or rat, or stick insect.

After the brainwashing, the bell is rung when the good excel to greatness, and “bad”-good fall to the worst human values instilled into them from preliminary bad, terrible environs and absorbed after the physical torture environs whereby the worst values taught in their environment are absorbed and instilled.

Now the bell has rung from the trauma moment and rung now at some time in the future  and the good become the worst of human endeavor after the bell or cue to defeat the good, the very good, and the great.

Always when the good become great, the “good”-bad are cued or the bell is rung, values degenerate, and worst behavior attempts to defeat the great, the good, and the very good.

Abraham Boulder

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