By any other name.

Kid overextending himself. Included PCB.

Irresponsible, reprehensible, totally unacceptable. Blame- worthy. Chargeable. Convictable.

A star in teenage books about Zombies and the like.

Dionysian ravaging madness. Pot instead of beer. Tearer of the flesh of his children. A mad god. A reveler. A loser manufacturer that no man, (woman, or child) can afford to endure.

Directing himself and others down, down, down in a constant downward fall into a bottomless pit called, “Hell.”

Seeking a practical saving grace or redemption, a workable solution from transgressions, abominations, general sinfulness. My Rock and my Redeemer shall smite those who act as foes to society-at-large.

Disease he, the criminal, has plenty. Smite O’constructive God, those attacking the physical constitution of our frames. And our mental states of mental health.

We bear witness, bear judgment on him and pass through the wormhole to come out somewhere else in this Collossus universe.

Be a viral good and humanize the nanos and string theory.

Be gone in Gargantuan scale. Travel the earthly soil of the universe. The filth in string theory.

Reach other exoplanets with your human-viral seed. Cast out human egg viral to mix the seed and egg in the gas storms of Jupiter.

Two dimensions of the same thing. Subsubparticles and heavenly bodies.

Into the earthly soil of the universe we go. Entangled in infinity of subsubparticles. Finite grave and gravity on celestial bodies.

Human-viral Life emerge with fecundity upon a living ecosystem on other exoplanets.

Where there are three sun’s, red, blue, and yellow. Six moons. And oxygen-carbon- water formulae of life teeming, abundant, spectacular to see.

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vesquez Asia.

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