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The private sector and citizenry remain free

We cannot afford to lose $27 trillion in an economically developed energy field.

To name only one market or industry.

PCB is an intolerable idiot that is trying to stymie the green energy profits.

Make him stand down, shut him off, give him a new identity and noninterference of profit for the citizenry.

Or destroy these multiples.


Abraham Boulder. Keven.

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Technocrats multiply “Fill-up”

If it wasn’t violent enough and low brow crass, “Fill-up” is multiplying and look-alikes allegedly wreaking havoc on car accidents on the freeway and allegedly indoctrinating suitors against constructive effort and constructive measures to solve our ecology problems.

Pro-chaos, pro-anarchy, anti-semitic, nihilistic, apathetic with destructive 24-hr activism to make up for slow movement. Also, abundant negativity to deter worthwhile efforts and minimize achievements that are bold and correct in their scientific assumptions.

The aggregation of large numbers of “Fill-ups” is to effectively dissuade Americans to not fight the battle for a tomorrow and allegedly booby-hatch or allegedly assasinate group outings in which they involve citizens and noncitizens alike that resolve to solve our problems once and for all future moments here in this exoplanet, and other planets that we colonize.

Abraham Boulder.

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Think about this!

I was watching “Robots,” an animation, lot’s of fun.

They use a lot of mechanical parts and it’s done exceedingly well.

I think they are using computer graphics for some ‘infinity” shots and some travel and the city with Mr. Bigweld.

Now we have made ourselves to be machines.  In exercise, in health.

The theme of the movie is old machines to super robots.

The machines rebel.

But I think the moral of the story is this:

Take the machine parts and evolve to computer graphics “cat” design.

Then the computer has the mechanics digitized in the graphics-computer-machine as a function of aeronautics engineering and automobile engineering.k

As a tool and advanced machine.

With human command.

Thereby humans don’t morph into hybrid human machines for real with never ending brain loss such that you become isolated in your own body with all the digital, quantum mechanics such that what is really going on is a high-end lobotomy to miming electronics that mirror only “what once was:” a homo sapiens, live man woman, or child(ren).

-Keven. Abraham Boulder.

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Let’s get things in good order.

Let’s go down to Berkeley Circle or Square and find, if you dare, something in behavior accommodating, peaceful protest, to emphasize the likelihood that our elected representatives of the republic and the states, fulfill the duties of honest and fair elections.

And let Fill-up, be damned.  And democracy prevail.

Honest, instead of troubled.  Fair instead of a crook.

Our protesting peacefully could be an enduring factor in the behavior of our elected officials.

Let us begin the peaceful protests!


Abraham Boulder

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The most overt showcase espionage ever done

PCB is a pervert with 5 cam screens to watch me in lewd awkward ways to discount my part in supporting the private sector and the government who need to allocate $550 billion for continuation of homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens.

Two leaders are practicing assist to do me harm in an outrageous hate crime offensive to all populations in this republic democracy.

Treasonous. Intent to burn my books. Even kill me if that’s what they’re up to.

Local businessman may get in “Kill action.”

Abraham Boulder. Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Vesquez Asia.

Big B allegedly told Sidney Gottloeb allegedly to put nerve gas on me. Big B allegedly has been flying around with some nerve agent also.

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Where is your Earth bid?

Where’s Senator Joe Manchin’s pro-Earth bid of $ 550 billion, or even $ 450 billion.

We need it now!

Abraham Boulder


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Now we’ve done it. Now let’s get going Let’s get started, preparing for a financial windfall. G40. Private initiative. Marshall Plan II, $27 trillion in the energy field. “Sustainable Excellence©” read it!

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Carbon Brief: Guest post: How the Keeling Curve will need to bend to limit global warming to 1.5C

Carbon Brief: Guest post: How the Keeling Curve will need to bend to limit global warming to 1.5C.

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Hey, wait a minute…

The State is always concerned about the State.

The basis of this Nation is the private sector. It also balances out the Executive Office, steeped in the best education, and, at times, desiring regime change.

Fascist on both the left and the right as explained in Friendly Fascism.

It is “doing” that is the power of getting it done. All else is conversation.


-Frank Get-it-done.

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With respect to each and everyone of us

“There is too much sense in nonsense–and that’s the inherent problem.”

-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy

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