Sat., Feb. 19, 2022

Philip Bertrum Devinsky applying lead to my arms and chest and strictnine to my lower right calf.

He is part of an elite force of Hitler and Stalin mentalities determined to botch up America and the world.

This type of world leadership is too degenerative and decompensating psychiatrically.

You’ve got cigarette-confidence of Arsenic, Cyanide, anti-freeze; then, Botulism, Anthrax, Scarlet fever creating a neurostructure and chemical soup for viral bode creation from aggression energy stress making its way, in some cases, through entanglement with further aggression viral formation from Hitler and Stalin mentalities.

Arch diabolical villany

I think they want to centrifuge my brain

Possibly: Fill-up is (1) robotic, (2) snake, (3) human host, (4) superfly.

Abraham Boulder

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