Immoral legacy from “Russia Upside Down”

"I spoke of 1917.   Sometimes I feel we are living it again."
-Abraham Boulder

“In this passage below, it’s the feeling I get.  To be fair the author of the above book worked for the CIA and knew the CIA tortured in the 2000’s outside our borders.  I also feel that now they have secret prisons of amoral actions within the borders of the United States that could make viictims of constituents also.  For alternative view assessments protected by Amendment 1 of the Bill of Rights.  Not for secrets jeopardizing our national security.”
-Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vesquez Asia

In the “State Within a State,” Yegenia Allbats argues that the massive and pitiless violence unleashed and nurtured by the Russian Revolution corrupted a generation of people, and then was passed on to those who came after. The words and deeds of Lenin and his cohorts were so brutal that young people at that time, including the ones who would become Stalin’s interrogators and executioners grew up without a moral compass without a sense of right and wrong.  All they saw during the revolution itself, the civil war, and the period after was brutality and killing. Naturally they repeated it, with the NKVD as the primary tool. The KGB modified but hardly shook off this legacy.

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