Persistent thugery

Mr. Stalin and Mr. Lenin, a.k.a. Wig-wam and PCB, take the time to be technicians. Their goal? To first rape me allegedly, with “aggressive feelings” accomplished by micro-nano tools that put their filth on and in me. They focus on a rear effort that flagrantly disregards the civil rights, equal rights of a heterosexual against forced actions by a homosexual perpetrator. I say no to any sex with them and anybody else that’s gay.

They practice as technicians, “1917,” “Lenin,” generation of no moral compass, then becoming judge and executioners because I refuse to engage in homosexual acts with them or anybody else.


Then I would think they would allegedly try to actually rape me.

Finally, allegedly murder me.

What has to be understood is the fact that many think them funny when they really advocate you getting from them siphyllis and gonorrhea sexually then having them mentor you so that they get you to forget to be checked annually for the sex diseases.

Because they find it exceptionally funny if you, you, and you contract these diseases from them (and maybe a new Sars variant) and you are aided by them with progressive organic brain insanity.

Upon reflection, it’s not so funny. Upon, further reflection: it’s not funny at all.

What the socialist communist want is Gorbachev, not Stalin.

But ideology is fine and good during general discussions. But syntax structure of language employed lacks “Action Jackson” to “move, and get the job done. Effectively. Ontime. With review and remedy. And go Final final, ontime.”

Gorbochevean language doesn’t do that even if it’s an “ideal.”

Fill-up the snake not of relations with Jesus in any sense as scholarly depicted in Good and Evil Serpent. Whereby the snake can be good.

Here you can imagine the flute players in India that train these snakes. They hurt the snake to obey. Imagine what is known-as- God, kind to them for whatever constructive or positive attributes they may have (the snakes). They bite the flute players and the players would die or could die for the sadistic manipulation the flute players entail to the snake.

Viral with string theory is dirt or soil of the universe (in a sense, “dirty” or filth).

What may have come recently may, in fact, come periodically. Even, fairly frequently. Morphing may occur that promotes the Dalai lamas agenda. (Lama nurseries and exporting for racial death including white and black races.) Believed to be “legitimate cleansing.” Although race genocide is intolerable. Human hosting of snakes that may threaten to cleanse the human race.

Events occuring may be weighed for behavioral science based on applied intelligence used.

IQ, EQ, AQ, EcologicQ, SQ, WQ (wisdom intelligence: whereby intelligence is employed with a “biting” frequency that pleads that you act from a 200,000 homo sapiens evolutionary intelligence(WQ))–not just for the moment in IQ which Rhodes scholar of Macedonian ancient Greek Toga party of murder, suicide, and homo sapiens’ extinction.

Are we led by the tyranny of the snake of morphed computer scientists (e.g., from China, India, Indiana).

The snake may have intelligence to understand a complete idea (idea quanta), but need to limit free form for preferred formality. Comprehension from idea quanta universe dirt or soil and waste intelligence.

Idea quanta: the strokes of A to B of cause and effect multiply to yield and record various combinations of stroking of string at the subsubparticle level to promote probabilities–possibly sea change in evolutionary development. [Morphing ongoing.] I also support homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens development in surgery and bioengineering.

Abraham Boulder

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