Welcome to the Party (as it is faithfully adhered to today)


▪ historical the doctrine of an extreme Russian revolutionary party c. 1900 which found nothing to approve of in the established social order.
– ORIGIN early 19th century : from Latin nihil ‘nothing’ + -ism.

New Oxford American dictionary (c)2020, Oxford University Press, Inc.

“The absolute nothing as the crown achievement of today.  The grand-mannered hero receiving medals and giving syphilis and gonorrhea with no stake in tomorrow.

“The Rhodes scholar, a radical party member of Russia from 1900 to 2022 of murder and suicide.  Add to that torture, and neglect.”

Syn. disembowel, gut, devitalize, see kill (sense 1), weaken (sense 2). (c) 2010, Wiley Publishers, Inc. Webster’s New World.

“An establishment that has lost it’s moorings. Mind you I’m being tortured to put burning phosphorous in my eyes, my genitalia, and destroy my work device.”

“The man of such intellectual ardor. Speaking to the dead all the time, rearing the dead.”

“A Rhodes scholar responsible for human extinction and leaving our dogmatic intelligence “in the hands of” a highly fancy smart, vacuum cleaner’s memory.

“Becomes a snake of Macedonia. Automaton, diseased.

“Not the Jesus bronze snake. Like the one that goes to Heaven in Jung’s Red Book.” Fertile. Fecundity. Virile. Vitality. Reborn. Cradle of Civilization. The Babylonian Talmud. The destiny from the Book of Numbers.”

“A Zorastrian good divine . . . spiritually good, but corporeally very challenged to do anything other than harm to itself and others.”

“A deluded psychotic whom thinks what is normal is yesterday, and mental decompensation is for today, and tomorrow.”

“His 1900 Russian party politics includes the Soviet psychiatry; and textbook, Soviet pseudo-medical and Soviet statism along with Nazism whereby he treats his brother like Pavlov’s dogs–traumatizing him and hoping to psychiatrically brainwash him for his brother to have opposing human nature, such as anti-character, anti-integrity, anti-constitution, and anti-uprighteousness.”

“He exalts that acute pain in torture is anti-God of state and the only truth and philosophy. Nothing else exists but the state.”

“Year 1900 Russian extremists revolutionaries of ‘know nothing, are nothing, nothing else.’ Using technology from MIT, biochemradiation from Langley. Professorship from Princeton. They are radical revolutionaries torturing and worshiping the anti-God of torture and of state.

“Associated with EdDs who focus on 1900 Russian revolution in their regression and apparent, decompensating dementia brain disorders.

If Nothing exists, god doesn’t exist. That means a valueless society on the brink of anarchy. Is a “Crisis in Democracy” (find title on internet) and needing SQ, spiritual intelligence to life of revaluing and retaining of meaning. Also, EQ, AQ, EcoloQ, WQ, wisdom intelligence that demands attention after 200,000 years when God breathed soul into the nostrils of Man and Humankind (homo sapiens only). Also, constructive IQ nourished by the other intelligences.

The insanity of the nonhuman Macedonian snake giving archetype of syphilis and gonorrhea (one from his urinary tract, one from his rectum) infested maggots to his victim of Mesopotamia. Hovering over him in an insane daze made manifest by not having his annual checkup of these sex diseases and being totally insane–having what he wants–freedom. Freedom not to be, and encourage others not to be also. And freedom, an overindulgence, in fact, in madness. Dionysuan perhaps, but not a confidence builder among the scrupulous and the sane.

Such leadership is a mistake and leaves the fruit tree bare. Poverty and starvation by rule.

-Abraham Boulder

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