Welcome to the Party (Part II)

If the last post wasn’t enough on extremism in Russian revolutionary politics, Phil feels he has to set the record straight.

(1) He knows better than anyone else (if anybody else could actually exist–subliminally Phil ruins the self-esteem and sense of self-worth around the people he spends time with. Destroys the person (of personality fame), their identity and comes up with a dissociative identity to put into the traumatized psyche, miserable for his honor and his grace. No one knows better than him.

(2) As for me having a different perspective and not wanting to share personal things with him (actually, choosing not to include him in my personal life–impossible.)

He knows everything and has to pack it in–tell you what you don’t want to know and threatens your life by pointing loaded guns at your head. So you know, he’s real when only thing he shows me is a shadow.

You know, I’m reading on surveillance state tactics and they are really not done just by the state. Phil can be working in the private sector to keep me from my “flow state” readings.

Thinking it’s him, it could be his organization instead, and he may stay on the East Coast while they conduct calculated attempts on my life.

Whereby, he trains others to point a loaded gun at my head illegally, including a 5 year old.

Abraham Boulder -Keven.

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