How to pray to God for constructive results

Correct constructive order for forethought and foreknowledge yields psyche economy assets that have favorable bottom line results–ontime.

It involves personal boundaries. It does not involve one-on-one interaction in the subconscious, unless it needs to.

Personal, private unconscious works with a repository, a commons imagined in various venues of sports or shopping malls or wilderness travels. A common unconscious that is not tied to one-on-one interaction, except when psyche boundaries are breached for team effort or partnership concerns.

I contend that for the longest time, praying to God was the “do all,” and “end all.”

Now we can see “how” we pray to God is as important as the practical aspect of prayer (to redeem for the universal ceiling of sanity, acknowledged).

By referencing “constructive action,” and “constructive results” you add “umph” to human singularity.

To strive for correctness, an adult spends more time on “how exactly it needs to be done for effectively enough results in a timely fashion.”

Heart searches for meaning and the only One God that can lead us to constructive action and results, we do not, can not, do on our own, without Divine “Higher Power.”  Thus, providing Divine Providence for our effort and success.

A practical matter for end results consistent with our Destiny of generations-to-come homo (sapiens) (sapiens) sapiens. Akin to atheists principle for life worth living and not defeatism.

Fated, our lives will end, but not the future of mankind (humankind).  Our concerted effort is a wonderful magnus opus of industry and new green economy.  Profits in good jobs and great returns. Hearty imaginings made good.

Psyche economy deficit expends currency of a happenstance nature to undermine constructive events with spendy certaintude and loser objectives. It’s not the high road, or low road–it’s the wrong road.

Team spirit for correctness.

Right, not wrong (not mass wrong either) when this right, not wrong behavior is correct.

If right and wrong is not primary concern, then the “correct” behavior is tantamount.

Like 8 billion people returning to planet Earth from Mars: if getting there is not done clearly, correctly, we won’t make it to Earth and we will fall into the Sun.

In any event, do it correctly.

A Love for a constructive God and the love that God sheds His Light on thee (you and me).

Abraham Boulder. -Keven

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