Metahuman by Chopra, M.D.

This is my response. “Mr. President. You have yourself a nice day.” -Keven. Don’t forget to look at the titles of the people who liked the book, Mr. President. And do take the moment for the below two paragraphs.

End of paragraph:

“They are the richest sources of humans fulfillment.”

“The first is the unconscious self.

Even though we routinely shove  negative emotions and impulses out of sight in the subconscious  the whole is much more positive.

The unconscious self is creative and sensitive. When you walk into a room with two people have been arguing or someone was crying, you silently sense it “in the air.” Actually, you are sensing it through your unconscious  awareness, you constantly perceive your surroundings. You also have the power of intuition in your unconscious self. You gain “aha” moments when the unconscious self reveals something to you that your conscious mind didn’t realize. “

“As you grow to maturity, you begin to value what is rooted in the unconscious you feel confident, self-reliant, and sure of what you know. You know how to do certain things–cooking, driving, balancing your checkbook, finding a good restaurant.

But at a deeper level you have a settled feeling that is hard to explain. Paying attention to all of your life experiences, your unconscious self  distills the essence of your life into the experience of inner fulfillment, which over time becomes a natural part of who you are. You know yourself as a set of values, purposes, and achievements. There are countless people who do not arrive at the stage, and they don’t know the experience of inner fulfillment.  Nor can it be imparted, because so much happens out of sight in the unconscious.”

Book given critical acclaim by a professor of neurology, professor of computational physics, professor of pathology, CEO of the AI Foundation, senior fellow in theoretical neurobiology, professor of medicine and family health; director also, Center for Excellence for Research and Training in Intergrative Health, professor school of public health, professor digital media and AI, professor of neuroscience, dean of faculty school of public health, chancellor emeritus Duke University, assistant clinical professor, psychiatry, professor of consciousness studies, member of the board of directors, and chairman (and CEO) Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics, professor of astrophysics sciences

-Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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