Additional consciousness experience: synchronicity and totalitarian extermination of personal consciousness

Peripersonal neuro consciousness-focus

Anti cartesian

Modern ballet

Absorption digitalmechanics consciousness physiology

360 degree/gyroscope electronic 3-D tracing computerized for synchronicity by state et al.

Extension of experience


Also totalitarian part personal consciousness-extermination

Diabolical villainy — [tyranny] modus operandi emotional intelligence for abusive power and global genocide

Dance of the computer and visual  acuity synchronicity to imprison private life.  A psyche economy deficit of the American Soviet.

? Psyche economy surplus private life, academic Soviet, political science individual competition, collaboration, teamwork psyche economy surplus

“To know where we are, where we are going, and pace correctly for ontime arrival and future destination ontime arrival.”


Sales Marketing Accounting Media development natural philosophy in 4th industrial revolution associate

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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