Problem to solve

Rand-Sperry may be doing subconscious work and it may be legal.

A 2 yr-old, a 5 yr-old, a 12 yr-old, a 15 yr-old, and nonminor 22 yr-old works for his father, out of Mt. Townsend; in Mt. Orchard, Mt. Townsend, Victoria, Vancouver Island, Vancouver and West Virginia, unrelated to any government officials on mouse-and-computer-screens to move these “Phils” as fill-up the subconsciouses at the common unconsciouses to emphasize “that the world cannot be saved” in allegedly illegal actions and allegedly illegal wiretapping.

When it is a technical problem of science to solve not of opinions, or opinions of opinions in philology of english essays and ideology. Pursuit of science, science comfirmed scheduling, and business in aggregates of previous economy of 17 trillion dollars of GDP and 27 trillion dollars in the energy field.

Someone pays them with food to click on the mouse and tell “Phils” what to do. Either it’s this corporation above or someone else–I don’t know–that provides food.


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