Expedited enough?

Tea Party was a rebellion against the Stamp Act. These stamps were necessary as a form of tax.

The rebellion lead to rhe declaration of independence.

If we are not satisfied with our entire government we can set a vote for a new one.

The Berlin wall can come down by way of our taxes, just like the rebellion against the British Stamp Act.

If our leaders are not working posthaste with action and results tantamount, we can choose not to pay our taxes to vote “no confidence” in the entire government’s enterprise.

Let me be clear. I’m advocating for homo sapiens sapiens sapiens in evolution whereby homo sapiens was the first animal, a mammal, to be breathed into his nostrils by God of constructive endeavor (hereby called The Higher Power) and hence, provided a human soul, a human creature.

Also: Human command; AI tool.

Fixed real price (in 2022 dollars) of human economic value greater than AI mobile- peripheral price.

I uphold the U.S. Constitution and uphold very, very strongly, for a new fresh vote setting limits on a very productive political life to 72 years of age for all government officials and they all, at a minimun, must be dual citizens including the United States of America.

Drafting a new constitution is one possible action. Amending (several amendments) to the present U.S. Constitution is another.

Or, we can be satisfied with no-confidence vote and have a new, fresh vote with political candidates 72 years old or younger.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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