Does the computer know that life has value?

Precisely, an human economic price (in U.S. dollars) greater than most peripherals.  Maybe greater than CPU networked.

It’s the only way to teach a CPU that taking life is a last resort not a first objective.  That missions snuffing life out are the exception, not the rule.

I think on all agency computer programs there has to be the value of human life, a price in U.S. dollars, greater than the machine, the equipment.

If you don’t teach or program your machine this fact, the computer will conclude that it’s “life” is more important than human life.  And like “I, robot” the movie, it will dismantle human experience, destroy all life before a correct abortion order to a directive made by Defense Command to cull life is avoided.

I think your getting ahead of yourself while the IQ of your machine is juvenile and lacks depth cognitive function for discerning correctly who is a correct target and who is targeted based on childish reasoning.

If there is a directive to cull human life, particularly constituents, then we have war against the government due to the culling process by the government that takes out those who represent the constituents, and the constituents themselves.

Culling the constituents means war. Life is not just for the newborn, but children, prime holders, and elders.

Article 14, Life, liberty, and property.  U.S. Constitution.  Get your hybridized and full automaton equipment to abide with the right to life of constituents, liberty to be free of governmentt beyond constitutional limitations on power, and the right to private assets that may be taxed by government, but not be dispossessed without court verdict of guilty determined.

Abraham Boulder

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