Safety green light to red light kill: the faith of Affect

The central processing unit is engineered to kill.

We are technically working very quickly (pace yourself) to meet a science schedule for 1.5 degrees Celsius by 4-5 years, and some say, by the end of year 2030.

Since engineering red light is like that “horse run down hill race,” we must depend on science for the “safety switch” on the computerized “gun.”

Use precocious youth for intelligence for engineering the safety switch with algorithms steeped in science actuality-facts.  The scientific principles and laws are overrules to engineering “kill” laws.

The science keeps the technical points of the “safety switch” firmly and very, very strongly in place because the science is scientific laws.

Some preliminary things in science are assumed but to “kick start” science they are stated algorithmically as scientific laws.

Get this done now.  A “kill” order is premature.

This is to keep a “kill” order from becoming a literal delusionary attack by intel or defense department.

Good luck.

P.S. The natural laws are laws of nature steeped in scientific law.

But the natutal law philosophically is based on the behavioral science of faith (inquiry and science).

Because it takes good faith to accept the preliminary assumptions of an otherwise science engrossed in law. A natural law encounter occurs with abiding faith in preliminary, correct assumptions.

This is our direct reference to the five senses physical of earthly and universal (solar system) pursuits.

As you do science, you come up against the “mystery,” or for some “the mystical.”

What is metahuman, in a metaverse is an “umph” prayed to as “constructive engineering,” so that outcomes are planned for an outcome of “life, liberty  and property.” (It wouldn’t hurt if “happiness” was sought along the way.)

Constructive endeavor is the “light” to the 21st Century.

In terms of subsubparticle physics, it involves “intent” that is an affect that effects outcome.

So constructively, we have “an “intent” (affect), “an effort” (effect), “an achievement,” (effect) “a final outcome,” (effect) “remedial work,” (effect) and “a final, final outcome” (effect).  21st Century account of progress acknowledging hermeneutics affect of “intent” with five-senses physical action and outcomes of effect.

Individuals exist because we respond differently to medication.  Each biochemistry is different from one another.

Law of genetics holds that difference or variety increases the chance of continued human existence.

We have laws based on liberal political philosophy, but it wasn’t meant that individual conscience wouldn’t be effected by group affect written into law by conservative, political philosophy.

Individuual effort and achievement needs to be extolled, but the group is not to be disregarded or treated with contempt.

In terms of human hybridization, there is a limit to tool use, human command.

There comes a time when it’s “high-end labotomy automaton.”

If you can feel your way such that you think “someone’s there” in the newly developed automaton that mimics and mirrors its predecessor, probing the brain very, very carefully can bring back the hybridized human to us.  This is a definite possibility.

Again, faith and affect are preliiminaries to science.

My feelings, and faith is not with PCB.  I think he is lobotomized and a very, very dangerous kid toy.

He is profoundly unethical gangster noise in unconscious behavior whereby he is completely psychotic and uses applied communist mentality of consciousness (or unhealthy obliteration of boundaries in whole consciousness) such that he doesn’t allegedly vocalize his speech with a voicebox and those he addresses hear not in theit own ear drums his talk.  A psychotic zen, profoundly unethical and inhumane gangster noise, shocking in the common unconscious but usually socially played down unless you are aware that he is allegedly, a “Ted Bundy,” a “Charles Manson” he allegedly calls Manson, “Charlie” allegedly as though he is his an old, old friend.  It is a complete case of negativity static noise.

His noise is manufactured for anarchy philosophy, nihilistic philosophy, blatant ill-will and synthetic opoid goody goodness.  For chaos to lead to our demise.

A disruptor.  A quintessenal terminator.  A mythic “death star.”  He attacks the home front.  A threat to existence for all of us. It entails absolute madness.

There was the study of the Ph.D’s in the laboratory of toxic substances.

Cigarrette smoking was known to bolster confidence with the use of nicotene stimulation.  What was less known was that arsenic, cyanide, and antifreeze–also in the cigarrettes doubled confidence mentally while the heart raced, as though an Aruyevedic cure was found to unmotivated states.

Toxic samples tested without a working exhaust hood on the lab, further decimates the brain and decompensates the mind such that the Ayurvedic effect is that you think yourself a superman (but be totally in psychiatric brain disorder, or psychiatrically insane).

Now PCB’s well known smoking of epoxy glue is now looked at as Ayuverdic genius for motivation to completely annhilate the world.

It’s time to put a stop to this and get Austin Powers to quit listening to his Haitian dictator and keep sound relations with the president of the United States of America.

If that turns Soviet, enlist the Russians to teach us a thing or two about, “lies, lies, lies” when it comes to the Soviet experiemce.

The communism is not much better.

Let China show us post-Brezhnev China Soviet methodology that Japan looks on to observe.  In the meantime, North Koreans will starve and that may be the plight of the Chinese.  Fiscal policy they call it. China may suceed with the Soviet in ways not performed in the past. But history speaks for itself and we’ll have to see if benefits to China and others arise as a matter of course.

In the meantime, we need to toe the line and answer technical questions with scientific answers.

And to let the private sector perform and do their job.

Don’t interfere with a 17 trillion dollar GDP that may develop a 27 trillion dollar GDP energy economy.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

“Be all you can be, and then some [more].”

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