10 years, part II

Having had an incident with the law, in which my behavioral science was allegedly consistent with Revised Code of Washington [State] 9A, “defense,” then “limitations,” whereby the law states that a person “in a secure building can with minimal force detain a person(s) to determine ‘what the devil they are doing there.'”

I allegedly used minimal force. I was thin, I used a butt stick from a BB gun–it lasted 10 seconds, 15 seconds tops.

Now that was one event. Out of my entire life. It’s been over 10 years since that incident. In July it will be 10 years since serving time.

Mostly I experience was in the county jail. I did experience the prisons. One month being administered and two months getting my 30-year use of effective meds.

I only bring this to your attention because my finances have found their limit. And my brother continues to drop liquid acid on me to put a hole in my skull, and favors also the side of my eye to damage the eye, possibly, severely.

Now he seems on tax payer money and works: (1) to conceal the truth, (2) to toture a man who is very, very constructive who “sees things through dark lenses” and labels himself, “Hobbesian great.” Joining the good, avoiding the horror and terror of the worst, the most terrible are condemned morally, if not in societal institutions.

Few of us have the practice of doing things involving the most terrible approach.

Noise book. Very well written. 3 authors. States that noise and bias exists among other things, in the criminal justice system.

I believe it works both ways, by whitewashing a defendant, or condemning him or her to unfair stretches of time served.

Those that committed criminal deeds should be rebuked and sentenced to time, especially for hideous crimes, and heinous acts, both against individuals and the best of our society.

Abraham Boulder

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