Coming to terms with the visit

A ceremonial display in the sands of the Saudi enterprise is the highlight of planned talks centered around subject matter concerning the United States and Saudi Arabia.

The world watches as we attempt to pull out of a stall of the economy and argue against recessionary induced profits.

At a time greatly challenged (in the world and Europe). we see if green science and technology can be paced on a scientific schedule not undone by usage of fossil fuels.

That profit is managed.  That profit is good.  But economic indicators are acknowledged also, so that profit is seasoned by the avoidance of recessionary conditions, and an actual recession.

If the price of oil is not inflationary, then recession will be avoided. While keeping prices down, a strong economy makes greater demand for oil. Keeping the price of oil down, optimizes profits over the course of an extended economic growth period

Keynesian stimulus will be necessary when the recession does hit.

And it needs to be directed economically to new energy sources and sustainable products and services–the new global economy, being created, emerging industrially, sustainably.

Some oil. No coal. Some natural gas. Extensive use of nuclear power including salt-molten reactors and fusion power.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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