What again? When is “start” time?!

Allegedly, EdDs= socializationalized morons in the darkest of humor fully bent on the destruction of the USA and the world.

A world unit of incompetence, pseudo competence, pseudo experts.  Lacking in actual intelligence.  Allegedly, involves some PhDs as well.  Many of which wrote their doctoral thesis “of the destruction of the world” like good or very good Macedonian Rhodes scholars.  Tragedy.  Melodrama.  The Possessed of Fyodor Dostoevsky.  Murder and suicide of massive scale.

But not writing contrarian and not blazing a new trail emboldened by the foresight, by a vision that we can complete this task, scientifically correct ontime (not based on politics or journalism).  The task of solving our existential relationship with living things and the fact that it is easier to come back to Earth and make it habitable than it is to go there–to the moon, Mars, or Venus, and do it at those locations.

Cushioned by security of a well paying systemic job with paid leave, mental health days, dental, and optical.

We gravitate to negative actiom: “Money to burn” and places and things and people to nonpartisanly to destroy–whimsically.

1900 Oxford American nihilism

1917 USSR

2017 USA

A field day for the elected and nonelected.

They are convinced the human species cannot be saved because they are so instrumental in destroying most things that as of yet, even with Democrats in Congress and the Executive Branch, the destruction is not halted.

Stamp Act.  Refusal to pay taxes generated by the stamps of the Stamp Act placed on items of commerce which at this point, in the surveillance state, imply that the stamp is placed squarely on our foreheads for all to see.  And for us to pay dearly, their price. Or, not.

Abraham Boulder.

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