2 yr-old and 5 yr-old archetype.

Failure to comprehend decency and respect fundamentals. Low IQ.

His play is delusional. His importance as a tailor is outstanding. Recommend he be used professionally.

Morally depraved he thinks him right and “you” wrong.

He will kill at the drop of a hat and I think that is why he is used.

But kills his entire environment to cover his severe abuse of privileges.

Recommend his privledges, play or working be removed. His kill is the USA and the world.

His utter filth is perturbing, his homosexual sentiment anchored at extremism

He is a charismatic leader of a fanatical gay group who labors to toture heterosexuals and murder them. Is a perjorative cult leader that mentally and emotionally twists his members of the cult to seek murder for hetrosexuals.

He uses chemical and biological filth like a socerer whom uses his black cauldron to mix in dead children that he raped and killed.

This essay odyssey is contrived by intel and shock therapy for an Arab channel which may include the .01% of wealth.

The President I imagine said, “there is more people or entities keeping me adrift at times instead of his cognizance being his own.” Of course this is, allegedly. My medication works. I don’t take recreational drugs. So much for fiction writing and me authoring it.

Keven Jung Young

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