Target is “constructive action.”  Noise of interference agsinst constructive action as “evil.”

Bias can have too many “good ‘ol boys” in occupations requiring exceptional functioning in profession.  People of color are inclusive in exceptional functioning and the better in competition and social psychology and business psychology, the more inclusive to digest into the organization.  “Merit matters.”

“Wealthy villainy” trendy because of 350-450 lbs. cheese-ball, noise creator.

Big boys (men) in 100 billion club seem reckless.  Two Hollywood stars, male: reckless.  Asian business big: west coast, incl/parts of Alaska could easily be slanted to Asia.  Bias to veer away from True North, True East, True South, True West.  Noise promotes Asian currency flow in and out of Asia.  Profiting is good. Suspect noise activation will work to keep USA off constructive target of True NESW.

Hollywood stars speaking about mental health issues and staying human is commendable.

What is not laudable is when, while feeling ill, they caricature people who are earnest to give the technical problems dealt with by the scientific community the chance to be correctly solved.

Instead, all embracing sickness, anarchy, chaos, and over-stuffed ego pride.  And partying the Soviet cabaret the way decades back the theatrically partied the Nazi cabaret.

Party yes. Hope, I think so. Correctly speaking, it’s a technical problem not solved by Rhodes scholar toga parties–during or after school.

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vesquez Asia

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