Man government mausoleum proposal

Eternal russian state. Eternal ukranian state. Eternal american state. Eternal french state.

If target mausoleums of “Eternal Man state”, top elite will not “throw” nukes.

rabble rubble of foreign mausoleums of concrete cpu shell void of anything inside=state rabble rubble

Black Soviet Niesztche Ph.D. anti-God=anti-homo sapiens (sapiens) (sapiens). Black may be Russian Orthodox Church corruption. Black may be Roman Orthodox Church corrupion. Jewish corruption. Does the Jew genocide mean Black soul Jew world genocide desire as a psychiatric brainwashing of the Jews via traumas.

Nietszche vomited and had diarrhea of church to discuss secularly. U.S. Constitution and WA constitution allow Mayflower-Plymouth (secular) civil body discuss– against–“strong religion” and “sovereign states” any desire to blow up the world or to war against NATO.

Recommend: optimum vitale

Abraham Boulder.

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