1900 Vienna unconscious vs. 1900 Russian radical revolutionary politics leading to 1917 and 1929 totalitarianism and the complete obliteration of personal, private consciousness and unconsciousness

1900 Moscow, nihilism, anarchy, chaos

Do we know how consciousness is eliminated?

Answer: Terror, legal, legal entities, created propagandized-masses’ identity, relegating personal responsibility of rounded personal interests to the “dust bin”, state brainwashing eliminates “own me.”

Vienna Circle priority one. Five senses physical confirms existence generally.

Private, personal unconscious desired

year 1900 Vienna answer to “Crisis in democracy” paper on internet by professor from University of Kentucky

1900 Vienna culture thought of unconscious yields “common unconscious” which starts out experiencing material all false. (fundamental motives = anti-matter oscillations = motivation to utterly destroy everything, exoplanet Earth, universe, eternity).

Interest therefore intent for psyche economic surplus common unconscious, constructive full consciousness to counter totalitarianism with “rounded personal interests.”  This type of interest development is cognitive function to rid ourselves of totalitarianism.  Free up the private mind. Recommend: On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder. Also, Resistance to Tyranny A Primer by Joseph P. Martino. The latter argues “guns prevent genocide.” Guns are dangerous and should be in the house only if everyone in the household learns how to use them. With that said, the argument for guns is tantalizing and irrefutable at best, unfortunately! 2nd Amendment, U.S. Constitution.

Secular discussion occurs from Nietszche’s thought exercises, and limited constitutional governments of central and 50 states encourage secular discussions under Amendment 1 of U.S. Constitution and other “self” or “own me” protections for “getting the word out” that t⁹yranny is not the answer.

Constructive social experience is psyche economy surplus of a social construct such that a Mayflower-Plymouth pact exists with the civil enthusiasts to be a civic body discussing secularly activities of strong religion and sovereign states and divine intrusion into states in order to keep them, at any time, from “blowing up the world.”

Abraham Boulder, “Keven” is 1900 Vienna private, personal unconsciousness and referencing of common unconscious via venues (incl./ International Space Station, golf, tennis, malls, museums, satellite technology advances, climate crisis constructive goings-on, and day-to-day living).

1900 Vienna unconscious (“subconscious uncle”)
Oxford American dictionary, “nihilism”= year 1900 radical, revolutionary Russian politics of “all for nothing, and nothing for all, all is nothing.”  This philosophy ushered in totalitarianism, whereby “all is state, nothing else” or “physical existence, nothing else, no personal, private consciousness, no own me, state is–no more exists than that. Attempts at vacuous mind.

Constructive endeavor:

Desire for official declaration in law of constituents homo sapiens evolving to homo sapiens (sapiens) is healthy societal political act.  It starts us conducting our battles in life on a more even playing field.  Allows for unconscious ethical concern “to show it’s wise face in neurohermeneutics, earthly concerns of our exoplanet in the metauniverse or earthly exoplanet metaphysical plane.

Abraham Boulder.  -Keven.

Constructive solves the puzzle.

[Phil, Joel, Alan, Gene is with no brain, no forward constructiveness, no life=a celebration of death imposed on others unrelated to the above mentioned names in this paragraph–a quagmire situation. A Marx Bros. Armaggedon with black soul Jew wanting to “best” the top Nazi dead leader.

Further a mentioned person tries to mark me. The idiot’s guide to frauds, scams, and cons is a Soviet attempt by this person to leave me vulnerable and exposed to encourage harm to me when I display horse sense with regard to keeping the private sector private and making the Soviet, “American Soviet Americanism.

That is, in language, and intellectual tally stimulates conversations involving ideas put forth for intellectual appeal.

In no way, does the American Soviet Americanism interfere with “material in, material out” material processing of sustainable materials and products; accounting practices of the business, and sustainable profitability. New legal definition of “corporation” can make room for sizable profit by a business without the excesses of bilking the public for obscene profits.

If such collossal profit-making is allowed, the government can skim profit that remains the owners’ of the business(es), but utilized for necessary work in the new green economy.

Auditing to assure proper use of funds, the ownership of the new green economy grown with government skimming for use-demands in green business(es) results in one-third of the existing ownership continuing as a MA Bell and two-thirds of the green growth business(es) becoming private baby bells competing in the green market with the Ma Bell.

Abraham Boulder

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