Scientific progress: Social psychiatry unconsciousness= totalitarianism sociological infrastructure of state whole consciousness generated by computer programmers, caretakers, patients, the chemically addicted = psyche economy deficit, negativity (not positive or negative constructive)

Soviet-Nazism channeling = sociological infrastructure

The creation of a psychoanaltyical pathway from the extremely acute neuropsychiatric patients to induce a particular human subject to pretend to have the elements of these neuropsychiatric consciousnesses (in the multiples) that are then socially channeled by the “socially” labotomized to “lock the subjects” into this sociological infrastructure.

Insane desire for science to fail.  To prevent the widest distribution for coverage of individuals of different stripes and stars, working against the individuals that are the best of us, the destructive elements of the subconscious of a suicide mission of agency by way of psychiatric brainwashing to impede progress (and since 1949) to destroy the world.

The subjects actually don’t have the social consciousness deceitfully devised.  The individual consciousness of the subjects may be of constructive social elements.

Deceit=shoved into cellar or attic, repressed ideas shoved into the alter ego.  Man-made lunatic God that can actually be quite beautiful and orderly.  Schizophrenic God may be really be just utterly incomprehensible, not a sick god, but absolutlely beautiful (sublime) and quite orderly in spiritual nature (with chaos elements), confused with the human subconscious’s elements repressed or otherwise, pathological.

Further, agency is held together by false heart associations of nonscientific analyses of lie detector tests.  And the noise and obvious bias in fingerprints and other forensic tools that such agency exacts on criminal prosecution which leaves reasonable doubt of guilty judgments. Reasonable doubt of truth accuracy. Further consideration on whether they “got their man (or woman), or to set the suspect “free to go.” What is it being done that is their “undoings.” Remedial action instead of inaction.

Further, White is trying to capitalize on my (possibly) great work by character assassination of me, Abraham Boulder, with reference to my broken nose or for me to be a buffoon, claimed to have moral defect in character when the defect is in corporate or foreign government exploitation and attempts at bullying me. I do not play “victim.”

The word “conviction” carries the weight of social neuuropsychiatric labotomies in neurohermeneutics.  An unhealthy, unnatural, heavy void state social.

The surveillance state in mass hysterics against the varieted populations of stars and stripes of varying IQ, types of intelligences, and different private experience.

A corporate or foreign government attempt in the USA to homogenize the population in the U.S.’ boundaries just like China does to the Uyghurs to eliminate difference, culture, and innovation and personal, private success.

To cleanse the outfit of depth analysis and its projection into the avenues of psyche economy surplus and deficit for efficacy and cognitive acknowledgment of what is good in agency and what is without analysis and not considered in administrative efficiency. What is great must be for the eyes of the “most excellent” because they can be the “most quickly assassinated.”

White’s judgment is off and in his near 100-year-old brain:  what is meant “of the best intentions” leaves an outcome of wretchedness and despair, of horrible outcome for the constituents legal in their citizenry to be free of a limited constitutional government hell bent on insisting the U.S. Constitution has no relevance today.

Instead of dismissing the backbone document of this country, a constitutional committe of Amedment 14 “life supporters” and “free agency” lifers can survey by-laws of the databases of the big law firms in New York (for a legal fee) to determine what to throw out as unconstitutional and what remains legal, supported by new amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
Abraham Boulder.

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