Macho banter

For male rearing male. Rape more like it. He mirth in it’s illegality and then mirth on committing manslaughter.

Despite it being criminal in civilian code and military code.

We don’t need this type of leadership! Definitely, not.

Abraham Boulder

White is trying to transfix the Pacific Northwest into Satanism at the eye level. Cause me ticks with gravity feed poison at my temples to denigrate religion, ruin, destroy my vision. Imperile my life. He acts extremely immature and his emotional level is inappropriate for a senior retired professional. His sense of responsibility to the good of society as the community-at-large, is lacking entirely. He neither exhumes a sense of responsibility nor acts in such a manner to show he is without senior brain judgment aberrations. He moves by assuming ID he has no right to display.

There is a certain element that wants to know how I know. Five senses physical is fine. In discussion it centers on Vienna Circle. What is physical is physical besides the blind feeling “different parts of an elephant imagining different life forms.”

There is neurohermeneutics defined by me in accordance with secular terms used in the the thought exercises of Nietzsche. Arguing “God is dead” we then have the thought exercise question, What then is meta in metaphysics or what is metareality in Chopra’s metauniverse.

If. you look at Chopra’s book Metahuman in the front of the book the critical acclaim is outstanding–such astrophysicist and a dean of a university, for example recognizing the book with high honors’ achievment.

Now Chopra got in trouble in society for being a pejorative cultists. His book is excellent. But he’s taking an extreme position (for argument sake). Common sense, even uncanny common sense leaves us with the availability of the status quo to accept clear or lucid common sense, if he or she (of the status quo) deems it right to him or her as in the following:

This is taken from Oxford American dictionary and includes pretty common sense definitions of dimension.

dimension /dəˈmen(t)SH(ə)n,
▸ noun
1 (usually dimensions) a measurable extent of some kind, such as length, breadth, depth, or height:
the final dimensions of the pond were 14 ft. x 8 ft
the drawing must be precise in dimension.
▪ Physics an expression for a derived physical quantity in terms of fundamental quantities such as mass, length, or time, raised to the appropriate power (acceleration, for example, having the dimension of length × time −2).
2 an aspect or feature of a situation, problem, or thing:
▸ verb [with object] form or shape (something)

Easy enough to say two physical realities holding the same space are dimensions from subsubsubparticles and large body physics. Acceletration rates are different, it’s different realities. Of course, mass of subparticles and large bodies are different.

What Dr. Chopra did state is that large body physics is illusion and the only reality is tiny, tiniest, tinier even more.

This definition will have a 17 or 18 year-olds thinking that large body physics is illusion because author Chopra repeatedly says so, then steering his Dodge Challenger at 90 miles per hour straight into a brick wall. Not that I’m telling him to do that. To prove Chopra wrong, large body physics is not an illusion.

Dr. Chopra is biased to one reality without recognizing a different reality “that has its own reality because they both are two dimensions with different mass behavior acting in the same location in the universe. Different behavior. Different mass size. Different acceleration rates, different units of acceleeation. Two dimensions. Two realities.

There are those that say there is 14 dimensions in a location that is specified ,(loci). This is not to say multiverses. Instead, one universe, our universe, Possibly 14 dimensions.

So something exists beside 5-sense large body physical and it is a metauniverse in metahuman. A reality in metaphysics not dependent on God belief that is a dimension of reality that we experience the tiny dimension from within–subconsciously. That we see things (subpartcles) because when we looked the wave oscillating energy in a location (loci) collapses to particle mass and we thereby see electron x-ray results of mass particle instead of oscillating wave energy. A dual reality. It’s actually occurring as a wave and a particle.

So there’s a phenomenon of cogent, discernable logic, both intellect, and some affective intelligence. Logic of language syntaxes and emotionally understandable groupings (e.g., opposites in emotion).

Comprehension is dependent on neurological structure of a brain, possibly the very chemistry allowing perception of this form of intelligence in the metauniverse of the metahuman experiencing the information in metaphysics.

Metareality needs confirmation by 5-senses physical. Metareality starts out entirely false. What confidence is gained is greater and greater possibility that metareality can be confirmed in 5-senses physical. The mind is captured by curiosity and, imagination, creativity, and innovation wherein brain plasticity and atrophy occur in human brain development over time. A baby starts at this level and on into adulthood and beyond or elder living.

Is there a God? Does He matter? Those that believe in Him, do they matter? Does decency matter? Do we discuss this or do we blank out, develop voided minds, submit to the AI robot and kiss our asses good-bye?

As for God, you believe or you don’t. You therefore believe he exists or he doesn’t. You have faith in him, not just yourself, or you don’t (have faith I n Him). But certain intelligence phenomenon of information is day-to-day mundane that may involve finding a spoon instead of a fork. And you experience mental or emotional responses to your search that in is metahuman in metaphysics in metauniverse, but does not involve a Divine source.

We continue to solve our problems. This personal God serves those that cannot get along without His love, His Higher Power. Some may see this as weakness. Knowing how horrible we are when put our minds to it, I say there is stregnth in believing in the love of a God, Higher Power, greater than we are fully capable, our swollen heads as common results.

Consider employing those whose addictions are user-oriented, instead of having a continued set of addictions. Addictions are medically not at-fault. It’s medical treatment or 12-step program necessary. Employ people who have gotten a good, solid handle on addictions of theirs.


Abraham Boulder

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