At a time when Russia attacks a sovereign state.

Russia sphere of influence after war.

Populations coping in Russia and Ukraine welcome.

American support of sovereignty of Ukraine.

Sphere of influence China now.

Sphere of influence India when whether or not allegedly a “CEO” is incompetent from human hosting to snake, rat, or insect (40% of human DNA, can be changed or evolved by viral DNA in human). Incidents global, little understood. Possibilty, it exists. Not certainty. Nazi, not nasi. Run by Indian Arab 450 lbs weight. Who rules Phils (multiples), Wegs (multiples), CEO human host. Our top government leader seems to be involuntarily led to organizational psychiatric brainwashing within society by Phils and Wegs. Goldstein and 4 yr child served as a Phil IQ.

Japan allegedly having challenge of human hosting, allegedly interfering with leadership. Very “Asian” influence/environmental, occurrence. Possibilty, does exist. Uncertainty of existence occurring. Nazi, not nasi.

Brought on to allegedly do something remedial in alleged historical scenarios. Perhaps of no avail. Swedish King seems to be host to castle serpents. This is a notion of possibility. Not accusation. Not to criticize. Not to condemn. I have a book, The Good and Evil Serpent that is Christan stuff. Take a look at it and see if anything–anything at all seems to apply.

Lamas lizard snakes ?Tibet? Lamas rats from VA Beacon hill lab. Insects “botany” of UW or Seatac airport hub. Superfly. Sasquatch beast in chambers of alleged former WWII nerve gas depository.


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