Social Earth Capitalism (political group)

Includes Chopra’s metaverse and human verse. “Spoken” in neurohermenutics.

A bridge not too far.

Personal, private unconscious.

Common unconscious in reserve, in social brain, discussing figuratively complete or completing ideas (novel, take a hike), in imagined or remembered venue setting of golf, tennis, the mall, hiking (places, perhaps physically attractive). Utilizing psycheconomy surplus in constructive intent, effort, achievement, Final ontime, remedy, Final final ontime.

Essential habits embraced for the next 250 years. To do things correctly, mostly right, sometimes out of “necessity” wrong. Sometimes, on occasion wrong is correct.

Sometimes retreat is the most educational.

Insight via hindsight by insight review for foresight efficaciousness (money, ontime, results correct), foresight.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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