Two prong: eye of the soul

Television tech.  Eye on livingroom.  Eye on cell phones. Pop

AI info reading faces, posture, gait, eye spatial, mouth, nose, around eyes.  Content of phone . . . Your facial reaction to specific words you are reading across the screen.

Total the SUV with the democratic republican inside.

Who will be our next president.  Shakespearen genius:  to be, or not to be, that is the fundamental, critical juncture.

Whose too old?  Senior bias, in time, I will die.  Dying bias.  If I die, I’m taking the world, or my country with me.  Old enough, that I’m taking everyone with me.

Two historical apocalypse in USA before now.  Does not have to lead to Armageddon.  WA State.  If you kill yourself, everything is all over–nothing remains.  If you cannot handle the heat in the kitchen, get out.  No Armageddon.  Death faith conviction for those whom hold such a belief system.

Soviet control with visual cues can be restricted when they are limited and software does not invade privacy to extreme levels. Measuring Soviet control in surveillance of private sector parallels government purchase of corporate stocks. A certain percentage of stock purchased by the government can have a deleterious effect on private enterprise dependent on the individual businesses’ characteristics and the volume of private stock the government holds. So clearly, there has to be restrictions on government intervention in the private sector. Surveillance is more than observation. It is behavioral control based on what is learnt from analytical software and what is spit back by the government on the nature and characteristics of individuals who have been under surveillance.

Soviet government is only relevant when we limit the analytical characteristics of the computer software (limitations on queries and the data allowed to be collected). Irresponsible Soviet analytical software ride roughshod over the human species and has AI as the dictator leadership politically.

We can restrict computer analysis. We can avoid political rule by AI. We can have principles, including from private sector and liberal political philosophy (legality of own me).

There is a clearing ahead to solve our critical problems with ontime, effective solutions.

End of days.  Jew = adapts.  Hence, post-end of days. In 400-600 years we will know our new historical name from Evret Israel Judaic to ??? Jews adapt.

Abraham Boulder

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