Misconception that Machiavelli and Neitzsche are greater than Shakespeare.

Shakespeare composes about Machiavellian moves, but shows a level of  insanity in his work that Nietszche displays in his personal life and Machiavelli doesn’t grasp in the “Prince.”

Industrial waste poured onto loveseat to stop insight to foresight. Retreat is not advantageous for afterthought, but used to counterattack constructive action in a constructive milieu called, “psycheeconomy surplus.”

But surely such betrayal and traitorship are  acts of madmen-on-the-sly.

And the power of madness seems too seductive and too great that men get labotomized, human-host snakes or rats, or stick insects as a result.

If greatness is truly great, why do so many men fail at it?  Is it that they think, to be great is insipid and stupid and Moscow 1900, Moscow 1917, Vienna Circle state-law and materialism?

Superior is then (a) The Age of Insight and (b) context.  Also the (c) applied intelligence correctly formulated by (d) Ph.D. or lessor (e.g., a life-long learner), and serving in the constructive milieu of psyche economy surplus

Neither married nor had children. I practice Judaism in conservative movement away from the Orthodox because of the existence of female rabbis. Didn’t Orthodox Judaism get a female rabbi in Israel?

Telushkin, Schneerson, Kook, and Luzzatto.

Abraham Boulder

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