Karl Rove revolution et al.

Professionals live.

All others die.

Progressives: Kill retarded. Kill mentally ill. Kill partial neuro structured people.


Race killing as neuro partial structure brains and perfect bodies (including cosmetically altered symmetry and markings).

Modern philosophy and Dada. (1885 to 1910):

Leading to WW1 WW2 WW3 WW4 WW5.

Eugenics still argued intellectually.

Society makes room for unnatural births. The disabled get full degrees for learning related to their subjects of academic interest.

Critical need for 3rd party win. Right-center and left-center okay. Polarized far right, far left totals humans in totalitarianism. Existential nothingness, human nothingness (just numbered property) can lead to post-trauma stress disorder that continues traumatizing in totalitarianism.

Spirit of God controlled by unconstitutional employment of Spirit in state. State will undoubtedly adulterate spirit experience. Control spirit experience in total. And leave us without true north projections of future. 10-step program is a personal win if it occurs with personal higher power. Groupthink may be askew and unreliable.

Age of Insight.

The unconscious is normal. The first principle is that conflicts can be resolved. We access the unconscious imtuitively. Healthy boundaries in the private, personal unconscious and common unconscious is good. Common relates to physical venues that you may greet others while proceeding with something physical. Whereupon once home your social brain may have chit-chat allowing for complete ideas that then can be written down or using your memory for keepsake. And better efficiency in cognitive function can be enabled.

When all is done in a moment of reprise, saying ‘unconscious” and “Vienna circle” returns to the physical plane and five senses physical. I wish you peace.

Abraham Boulder. Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Vasquez Asia.

Prisoner work release persons (for state identification numbers) destroy worthwhile humans for power hungry leadership.

Prisoners that murder released on their own reconnaissance in order to exact murder for communist or fascists nihilists. Exact aggrandizement and identify as the “higher man.” Possibly, the “higher man” resides with the retards, partial neuro anatomized, and child defected. Too much laying on the sacred cross for answers. Need Father, not just Son and Satan and to use our brains correctly. (Those Christians who find this true). The Father has the experience the Son meeds correction from having fallen for a moment as Satan or Anti-christ.

Government discredited for too long. Allowance for retards, partial neuro anatomized, and child defected to govern must be competed with normal functioning leadership. The book, The Myth of a Strong Leader may be essential reading. It is the intent of the range of normalities not to compete with normals for wins and claim the wins for themselves. They feel Wokeism entitled. They may feel their Mom and Dad don’t care, or quite possibly they cannot experience a paradigm change for themselves, until it is obvious. So they see no future for themselves and everyone else.

Shakespeare in “MacBeth,” doesn’t describe idiots’ and imbeciles’ and those with madness’ leadership without very, very serious consequences. Assess and when necessary, take action.

End discussion adequately (including the “no-nothings”) by “Vienna Circle” and “unconscious” sayings in meta.

In this Karl Rove revolution, the M.B.A. may have purposely hurt their brain, and willfully seek to cleanse the professional population of M.A., M.S,, Ph.D., Psy D., and some legitimate EdDs. Those that use applied intelligence correctly.

If you see a problem here, my professing can continue to bolster applied intelligent populations who have liberal political philosophy down of “own me” rights, but need the assistance for conservative political philosophy to claim our correct social status that includes psyche economy surplus for constructive achievement and common reserve or common unconscious that aids us in the “age of insight” with healthy boundaries for the private, personal unconscious.

All said we halt with “Vienna Circle” and “unconscious” of 5 senses physical and quiet meta. Psyche economy surplus and psyche economy deficit in check. Peace be with you.

Honestly the plasticity and atrophy of brain mass may be such that you lack proper reference in your neuro structure for these inferences. You are normal, so are the objective, introvert introspection of a metabrain.

Abraham Boulder.

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