Negative, destructive aspect of Soviet manipulation

(1) All things arise under false pretenses.

(2) They are mobster styled.

(3) Leninism is extreme absolute power to the National Communist Party.  Over government, over Defense, over mass human numbers of the human population within it’s borders or outside the borders. In totalitarianism humans “are totaled in their SUV.” That Is, their personal, private consciousness is eliminated. Freedom is destroyed.

(4) Progressivism kills the retarded, the mentally ill, the partial neuro-lack anotomies, and those with birth defects.

(5) The Soviet breeds pejorative homo sexual death cults or degenerates, and decompensates into these forms.

(6) Captivating leadership can alter attention from incursion into Soviet vices.  But using PCB “fill-up” or “Wig-wam” is a very poor choice to deter possible abuses. They couldn’t care less–both use Hitler and Stalin mentality to try to foster “like supermen.” Discrediting the obvious. I don’t have a personal “bone to pick.” They are abundantly Thomas Jefferson self-evident to a variety of population in this country–be they the republic or the democracy, that they are not good for society even if they were “good obligatory religiously.”

(7) My family meant to use me for body parts, thinking I wasn’t worth anything else.

(8) Critical mass populations is bullshit. It leads to mass critical explosions of nuclear devices as genocide only.

Abraham Boulder

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