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Let’s meet Jack Shit!

He spikes the stock exchange, going ever higher. And he will take you over the top and drop you off a cliff there, and He will lose everything too, not just him a loser his money gone, vanish, gone.

But since all of you lost big playing the market, instead of taking what you need while stock prices prove to be high and investing monthly sums to reach a new eight year cycle, starting with a 2-3 year recession and the highest price that existed before the recession returning in eight years while waiting for stock prices to go even higher over a two-year stretch, higher than ever before.

But Jack Shit will be left with holding an empty bag with all those 100’s stock gamers that joined him over the cliff.

Talk will be what fun times were had, and that we took it to its highest possible point, and you nearly drew revenue at that peak. That you all nearly made it, but 100’s of investors took the fall. And Jack Shit along with them. What a guy! What fun.

But when everybody says their “goodbyes” and Jack, or Mr. Shit as some people call him, goes home to his elaborate house complex, he takes a call from a familiar voice that reassures him his six or seven figure windfall is being transferred to his account as he speaks for taking the large group over the top and then dropping them like a rock over the proverbial cliff.

Jack proving that spiking stock prices and always staying in, ends in six or seven figures and “you, Jack are the only one that can do this. What a guy!”

It ends with such a large figure because those who lost their shirt stayed too long in, which allowed other investors to maximize price but redeeming stock at a more realistic maximum profit, more conservative in price (lower).

Bear markets as they’re called can make big windfalls because they don’t overplay the market, and they can award a consulting fee to someone like Jack who speculates over the cliff of too high a price then takes it’s fall, but not until after the bear market players take their price of redemption at maximimum revenue, and at a lower demarcated price

The payback Jack receives for his consulting fee is, as said, six or seven figures and leaves 100’s if not thousands or 100 thousands penniless.

Jack, after all is good, you can feel his goodness, he being a heroin junkey, and fun, yes fun. But isn’t it funny how his fun is always at another person’s expense. Like he takes his fun everytime someone comes up with a migraine. Big, aching migraine! Big, swell, kinda guy

Abraham Boulder

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The particular of The Enlightenment

“The common sense of the eighteenth century, its grasp of the obvious facts of human suffering, and of the obvious demands of human nature, acted on the world like a bath of moral cleansing.”

—Alfred North Whitehead

-In: Steve Pinker’s Enlightenment Now

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A bout with what “success” really means

To synchronize on Destiny as a world leader for 10 years+ in Post-Enlightenment World Civilization and World Societies.


Deconstructionism dismantling status quo of self-evident truths abusing philosophical relativism such that the bland dementia becomes a status symbol.

Synchronized for inertia on constructive projects. Overspending persevering out of mere shouting victory with no truth, abounding in perversity as Post-Modern behavior.

Lies Straussian implemented for human trafficking of our next generations. Post-Straussian enactment of Government Acts to falsely strengthen our Republic and democracy.

Immoral activism 24-hrs per day competing with the virtue of work and lack of wage increase because businesses lose the private initiative, become government businesses, and no longer practice liberal economics where wages would indeed rise because of a working meritocracy system that values achievement.

Partly because workers are no longer identified as humans in a human system and robots are seen as replacements most readily.

Choose Destiny:

1) Reestablish the value of a human life.

2) Establish school systems whereby real learning prevailes and subjective opinions tainted with sexual lust and conquering by teachers is discouraged so that they don’t force their opinion “that the world is fated, instead of destined” upon impressionable children seeking “Truth.”

3). Approximate 10 years of adjustment to ecoequilibriate this exoplanet for a 250-yr sttetch.

4). Sides of beef grown through stem cell research eliminates cattle flatulence. Major victory for ecoequilibrium of exoplanet.

5) Use WQ, wisdom intelligence that counter argues and rebuts victory decrees by previously destructive ages, and acts on emerging constructive principles wedded with emerging applied science and applied technology with brutal pragmatism that determines use by whether it is a actually a constructive gain via developing Earth science.

Abraham Boulder

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Kennan: “Saving a continent”

His talent – which was more than considerable – was his ability to take hold of a notion and see all its parts in relation to one another; he could grasp both broad generalities and minute specifics, and relate them all to one another in a forceful, lucid, seamless prose that commanded belief and respect. Not long after Kennan arrived in Washington, Forrestal sent him over to Marshall, and Marshall suggested to Kennan that the State Department needed a Policy Planning Staff composed of a group of bright young men [and women] without operational responsibilities who would serve as a “brain trust” to consider long-range ideas for foreign policy. Kennan was to become the head of this staff as soon as he could break away from his duties at the War College. Marshall had returned from his meeting with Stalin freshly determined that the United States must shape up a coherent program, and act. He called Kennan to his office at once. As Kennan recalled it, Marshall was brief, to the point: Europe was in a mess. Something would have to be done. If he [Marshall] did not take the initiative, others would. Others, particularly people in Congress, would start coming up with ideas of their own about what ought to be done for Europe. He would then be forced on the defensive. He was determined to avoid this if he possibly could. . . . “I had a limited time (I cannot remember whether it was ten days or two weeks; I remember only that it was brief) in which to give him my recommendations. . . . He then added characteristically . . . that he had only one bit of advice for me: ‘Avoid trivia.’”

–Charles L. Mee, Jr.

[Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.]

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What if AI is used wisely

AI with quantum computing complexity will be spectacular.

With that kind of technology a homo sapiens sapiens brain could be stem cell brain developed to 21 years and can be healthy and with complex computer science, the electromagnetic brain maps of the old person will be imposed on the new somatic and germplasma brain cells and the dying brain will “breathe” new life and be the same person, not just the same DNA.

Abraham Boulder

Better than a robot or computer console.

This event stem cell development involving brain density develops via experience and brain maps are the epigrams of a person”s brain experience.

Education would have to be taught over to develop density and become a person. With fresh 21 year brain the epigrams have developed and the new brand has had zero experience whatsoever and is a full adult infant.

It’s development of density relies on the brain maps occuring from old brain experience and brain density development in the new brain becomes a person by electromagnetic transfer of experience development. Schooling education regimen and dogma will be absent, unless the schooling mentioned above occurs.

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Natural valid ontological wisdom intelligent, WQ, philosophy or “brains forward”

Einstein said that you can’t solve the problems in the “mind” you created them in, which has developed into acute retardation.

There must be a paradigm shift where you are willing to solve the problems divergently with WQ, wisdom intellegence (not “mere” idiocy, seriously applied.)

The mind has to let go to “out of your mind” higher order of a quantum paradigm shift in [universal] consciousness, which is greater than the synergy puzzles’ parts, Or terse and a synergeistic event with release of quantum historical tension.

Achieving by using your brains and letting your mind focus on priority lists connected to WQ.

Once we solve our key problems in our mindful journey or adventure via priority lists, we can rest the mind to take in the changes and relearn in this shift of paradigm “new mind.”

It’s basically meditating focused on “not me.” Then applying divergent brains to find the final answer units to “equations” with multiple solutions per unit. And then minding the revolution created.

Abraham Boulder

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Try being correct

Correctness solves problems.

From right or left, big or small, right or wrong at any given point of time, good or bad, being terrible (being just awful!!), or doing great work, to do something and get it done correctly is to adjust to change and learn from the experience.

Spending time going from one polar extreme to the other, slapping bad with good and good with bad, when in actuality, any one of us could be at one extreme of bad or the other of good, and somewhere in between. It all goes to show you that “living life is fluid, not fixed.”

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

Abraham Boulder

P.S. scope on laser rifle, takes time to harm. Attempt clean through me.

After then, converted bugsey irradiated placed on ceiling floor (Earthly gravity) and nanostructured viral of all sorts filtering via entanglement with microbiome fitting in slots on my person as domino slots start to look like canister trailers pulled by semi-truck.

The whole look on the ceiling floor (above) was like fitting the bug “canisters” on a minature, commercial vessel entering port, and the hauled by semi-truck.  The fit was snug, but there was no stacked going on.

Impressed that a bifurcation would lead to infestation and death.

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