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Go past the “Nazi” descriptor: a case for AI Tool, or “Who knows better, the computer or you?!” A simple answer.

The case of viral leaders with homosexual Nazi , read: an “human imbalance for Aryan death sentiments and actions whose simple style is far from innocent.”

Also, absent is the learnt integration of key facts and the capacity to read and solve problems shown in the book, Overcomplicated; in other words, no experience in being schooled in learning institutions of general and higher learning.

“Nazi” because of warped sentiment, taking multiple amphetamine pills daily, desiring end-of-world fiasco.

Thus, interfering with the serious, Post-Enlightenment universe of learning from Discovery, Innovation, Divergent answers as a host of ideas popping like Orville Reddenbacher’s popcorn.

Complexity sciences meets computational strength in complexity of computer programming in a parallel reality; whereby, answers energe in plain language on an “index card” for Human-creature Command understanding.

Then, questions can be raised from the plain, understood, “index-card,” message by way of a tree-flow diagram provided by the AI Tool computer with regards to the subject and contents discussed on the “index card.”

This, then, in order for the human Command interface to query in greater, and greater depth, learning along-the-way from AI Tool, answers of greater and greater depth.

Whereby approval or disapproval of arguments and approaches of the AI Tool by the human creature Command, assures that the AI Tool works for human creatures, and not the other-way-around. Command rests with human creature Command.

Abraham Boulder

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Aryan mortification

Dalai lama can now provide, if allowed, Aryan PsyD and Aryan social robotic engineering degrees for robotic computations of peripheral engagement of fungus spread behavior in homes with higher floors (sharing lower floor’s ceiling) to residents in unit below.

Disease can be spread and thought of as a natural death, although it is acts as death creation (Aryan behavioral science).

In fact, county environmental officials conducted a round up of death, deadly material hours ago.

And the Dalai lama teaches a robotic peripheral how to spread deadly fungus onto nonsuspecting persons below via a method similar to “gravity sandpainting” which immediately alerts other robotic peripherals with the capacity to do the same.

–Keven. December 18, 2018 16:56 PST

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With all due respect . . . Moronic behavior

At no time was it meant for me to have disability and have to be laid in my bed for days at a time.

It takes thinking at the level of a moron (without the actual special people exposed to harm or punishment for being good, doing good. They are commended! They are special and okay.)

But someone with considerable brains to then proceed to act retarded and define my disability, which is full disability status, (Now, please, don’t begin telling me I lack a grasp of the American English language, or that my capacity is stunted–it’s not.)

What we have here is clearly understood from education in my sophomore junior year at Western Washington University, majoring in liberal economics.

This is probably not understood by many of the doctors who I have visited at Puget Healthcare System, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, because many I gather never took liberal economics, and instead, indulged in Shakespeare and/or world literature. Their fun, but they (these apparent professionals are now trying to tell me it’s my loss.

Well how acquainted are they with rulings of the VA office downtown in the Jackson building?

Do they understand the findings of the court system at the U.S. DVA on the level of the U.S Court of Appeals?

My university experience has been from a locally accredited college (College of Business and Economics in Bellingham, WA)

Business runs on a economic term, called “productivity.”

Employees are used, assigned to certain tasks, to provide profit greater than the expense it takes for them to do their job.

Now, legal term, “corporation” in it’s charter is required to make increasing amounts of profit every year for the public-traded stocks that are owners of the business.

As a result of this above fact (of increasing profit), the employee who have finally learned their job or position, are then required to “step up” their output by increasing efficiency, oganizing, asking for an assist, or delegating work, or use a temporary worker

This increase is not left at the level employees “being productive” because economic data show the need in liberal economics and by the American Disability Act (that the disabled status worker must copete equally with the standard employee.)

What is implied here is: should the economy (aggregates or groups of) businesses require “very productive” work, the disabled worker must increase his productivity to that level.

Now patience please: there is one more thing.

I excelled at times at a “productive” level.

What’s more is: because the corporation requires increasing profit, economic data shows that the employee is required to increase their productivity to “very, very high levels of productivity.”

Since I have a conidtion at 100%, and my achieved excellent work was at productive levels of lower than is now required.

I have full 100% disability status.

Again this does not mean I necessarily have to walk with a cane, or a wheelchair.

I come to the VA to keep my health by taking my medication that is effective, but this does not mean my speed level changed.

The VA Clinical professor that wrote the VA report on my condition regarding work, stated, and I’m paraphrasing in social media, but you can look up this document for yourself. . . “this veteran has such and such a condition at 100%, and, further, real work environments require productivity demands at very, very high levels of productivity that decompensate this veteran as seen “on record” from working full time for 14 years, and then decompensating while tested corporately from a 3-month trial to increase my productivity levels to “very high levels.”. My decompensation was first rated at 70%, then 100%.

The point I ‘m trying to make, one removed from the “juvenile.” is that having 100% disability does not mean I cannot have avocation whereby I keep busy and enjoy my freedom (with a healthy level of responsibility to my family, friends, and the community at-large).

Yes, I can keep busy. Yes, I can do things I find ejoyable. It is clearly not an occasion for destroying my freedom I have from government micromanaging of my condition or my private life. I can do things. I can help around the house and do a better at helping my partner in household chores.

Further, under controlled environments, in avocation or under contract clearly stipulating work requriments different from the ADA (so I’m not fired from working “productively” I can excel and produce outstanding work for the private sector in areas of employ-ment of “chief directorate” whereby I am not involved in administration but short-term next 12 years oversight, and perdictively for the next 250 years.

Thank you


Abraham Boulder.

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Good suffering yields excellence

“There is a myth that excellence occurs in direct proportion with suffering.

Well, excellence occurs in direct proportion with good suffering, but inverse proportion with bad suffering.

Good suffering is working at something. Bad suffering is humiliation, depression, and isolation.”

This what my brother campaigns for. Show no respect, dishonor good suffering. Ridicule the sufferer’s journey as an act of an idiot.

Turn to drugs, alcohol, sex addiction with forty STDs, including rabies and contiuous-pain disease.

Don’t do what is correct to do now. Instead, he says, “I am a moron. You too can be one too.”

Without good bidets (bidets are now advertising on the internet), everything is an asshole that stinks.

Losership is heroship. The terrible hero claims victory.

They think they got us folding our hands and going home.

But we can beat them at the game of ideas.

Better thinking through better ideas. More practical through a practice of practicum. More moral, by far, than philosophic relativity.

There is good sense since Hobbes and Bacon made the scene. And Post-Enlightenment can take away all the lies of Straussian philosophy, the perverted ideas that claim victory for themselves of post-modern philosophy, and take away the enactment of pseudo scientific laws that feast on Aryan death buffets, Nazi imbalances of the American mind.

And a false sense of defeat. 12 years Ho! To complete the Mission to exoplanet Earth (as if for the very first time), and regain ecoequilibrium by the toil, sweat, brawn and brain determined to achieve again, and again the Dead-line metrics required to succeed.

Abraham Boulder

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Gentlemen and Ladies, start your engines!

But is there not movement? And from there, more emotional pitch,, and, consequently, more movement.

Is this not a person of heart? To stir the healing energies from deathly sleep?

To arouse, awaken from solemn repetition? To crave an upstart, a movement of rhe winds of change caught by the windmills of imagination and desire?

Dare to move forward. Shake your shackles off from the bogeyman of the Deep. Devise strategy that what you see is not anything, if you don’t place it there.

Perchance, a military offense is occurring that makes the bogeyman look giant by elevated boots and breathing apparatus and suit?

Respond. Go within.

-Abraham Boulder.

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Kant Can. So can you.

I Abraham take a healing stance while using anti-fungal anti-biotic and protective clothing. Support Nasi vs. the eternal hell raising of nocebos concentrated and intertwined with death, dying, and movement exercises and fungal applications.

Lamas biting humans and seeking dying nocebos exercises of Aryan degreed trainers for dalai-lama status against tree of liberty, tree of life, white race [vs. spices mixture with green tea lemon, and supplemented with herbs. -Abraham Boulder].

It is a healing posture and stubborn, “final,” vital-supported defense protecting wounds and seeking a healing that is paramount in the mind of the healer and his organic healing processes.

It is the balm that seals the wound for healing, while including allopathic medicine and utilization of protective clothing that sends the striver to healing body with nourishing mind and strongly protective brainWork.

-Abraham Boulder. –Keven. 😊:

Part 2.

Religion joining science in behavioral science.

Corporeal and neurohermeneutics.

“Live wire” broadcasting? His Holyness.

Metanormal, physical exercise and health for the brain.

Plato, spirit and intellect. Gassendi, reason is part of spirit. Boulder, affect intelligence, ?Only one God Spirit. India Creator, God “Jew” for business involving trillions rupees with love.

Avraham, spirit of the only one God. God idea. Idea quantum. Devinsky. Love Keven, Abraham. Significant Other.

Totalitarianism, crush spirit, dehumanize, treat as unimportant property. Gain a foothold neurohermeneustically in soiciological-science claim, causing excruciating pain by “state, Look Ma: no hands!” Ultimate Truth. Only state.

Soviet, Russia; China, India, 3rd Eye Tibet, Korea.

Conquering transmigration elevated at capitols. Japan considering murder of Japon.

Done in N. Korea, China: murder. Rational head without ?behavioral economics.

Dalai lama. Destroy Tree of Life. Tree of Liberty

Dalai lama. Japan against Japon Spirit

The presence of his holyness is included because he’s very old and gives his title to “PCB PCP PCP.” His brain has toxicity from his many, many years. And a person can be irascible and impertinent, which can keep his holyness alive even longer.

–Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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The greatest political move ever made. Will he Trump the presidency!

In times like these, the best of times, the worst of times: there is no hardball game more politically expedient by throwing a curveball to strikeout the opponent, than a stunning reversal; that is, to cooperate with private industry and private initiative to roll up their sleeves and manage massive amounts of work that is correctly defined as a “revolution.”

Abraham Boulder

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