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Applied behavioral science of the hidden brain 

If empirical, then phenomenon of Sanity in an “up,” universal ceiling; Creator, creation Myth for driver, “pull,” of Human Destiny. Otherwise, the mark of insanity, fated for extinction, via “peopled” government to exterminate the human race.

The “pull” phenomenon of Sanity is the same entropic energy in the push from Central Asia to Europe and on to the East Coast, and a tractor-pull nature of global, polar magnetism housing correct geologic properties revolving, itself, around a star at the correct distance away from star.

Evolving spaceshipEarth revolving on its axis and revolving around the Sun for Entropic Energy in the Pacific Rim area of West to East, and evolving Tiger economies in the East doing fair trade with the West in return. And evolving geology, evolving chemistry, evolving biology (and salmon swimming upstream) and evolving idea quanta at the particle physics level of the brain interacting with the universal environment, everyday large-body physics.

Ideas generated in an evanescence of creative-imagination bubbly, taken to task, to become hardy, practical solutions to divergent answers of multi-faceted problems going upwards against the downward direction of entropy energy.

All evolution starting with memes of universal idea quanta studied and cognition identified within the universal sphere influencing the uphill climb of ideas as agency for destiny of homo sapiens from random-fated death and elimination.

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Intro to incorporeal physics. It matters. (What does? Matter, ” incorporeally.”)

Science being physical and about matter is corporeal, and as a result of subparticle physics, particle physics, and simple nano structures (known through applied scientific research), science is physical incorporeally also via quantum physics motion and matter in aerie substrate, through our body and the Earth, and through brick walls.

This environment or dimension, also physical, includes entanglement (Einstein’s incomplete Ninth symphony, where he never completed the correct equation).

Also, as particle physicists do scientific experiments to search for mysticism’s energizing matter in an animating principle, the physicist could linguistically look at language vocabulary for clues to model the interaction of mysticism’s and matter, irregardless of the fact that establishing scientific terms may be separated from mystical language entirely.

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

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Footprint in forward motion: How not to blow up the world, and when not to engage in war!

Analytic systemics of applied behavioral science on all things considered important.

Healthy repetoire of EQ, affect intelligence, with language focused on WQ, wisdom intelligence (a wisdom that grabs your intelligence, instead of putting you asleep), questions the validity of SQ, our values and meaning, to aide determining whether an IQ, technical intelligence, should be used, something else used, something outside of the box used, or nothing at all used (thus ultimately WQ intelligence used again for actual action, applied intelligence, IQ).

In addition inspiration in this human singularity, by Creator, God of sanity, and health, and redemption: thus genuine love–within or, without, or both with our physical form of all-organs vital, completeness; including brain use, brain function; Or atheistic Universal Ceiling of sanity, health and love–with AI Tool.

It is ethical consideration outside the box of six emotions of classical philosophy, to a range of emotions and feelings befitting EQ, WQ, SQ, and IQ, in that order!

It expresses all these intelligences to determine if specific technical knowledge should be applied? Or not, WQ.

It leaves room for manipulation of computer AI Virus for human species’ manipulation-for-good.

It allows for greatness to be achieved, on the basis of the fact that “not all computer programmers are insane.”

It offers the notion of a compromising, enemy-intent, based on the “evil empire” model, that the opposing side in a confrontation is going too far on particulars, unethically.


We are in a tailspin downwards and an apparent purge of advanced beyond post modern thought and feeling.

We are stuck in the 20th Century, focused on beyond post modern reality analyzed by classical philosophy adherents, and so, in disaster.

Further, this disaster is extended by classical philosophy followed by Straussian philosophy, followed by post-Straussian enactment of laws based on lies, fables, and unheard of idiocy.

Ram’s head’s forward thrust centers on deconstructionist, post-modern Plato idiocy where all achievements are in decline, idiots dominate, abuse, belittle as victors, and all is stripped down to nonphysical, nonspiritual, non-human pure thought devolved from emotional intelligence, yet utterly sexist.

Expressing an all-knowing cataclysmic orgasm reverring dystopic Utopia, while ignoring a continuing maturity in intelligence with WQ expressing EQ, ethically argued from SQ, and knowledgeable of what to know, or what got to be known, as IQ in order that we avoid negative one on a value index that indicates nuclear winter since around 1950.

Abraham Boulder

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What actually works, and what does not

equanimity and genocide: Evil twins.

Not an efficient system based on trade environments. Fiscal policy of genocide to make up for economic deficiencies, hence a “stronger economy.”

In Washington State, when someone is a terminal patient they can choose doctor-assisted death at the time they choose, or live until the illnesess progress to the point of death. (Enlightened: points of death.)

Euthanasia, even for fiscal policy is a degenerate form of government.

Principled and long-standing wisdom from well-earned tradition exists in wisdom intelligence, separate from bully ballyhoo of too high an
IQ, and over-education discussions of politicaleconomy.

Long-standing but ringing true North, true South, true East, and true West, directions plotted, not to hit the Scientific American icebergs and steer away from a “royal-mania” craving, being instrumental in causing anarchy and utter destruction, and genocide of the population, who are not government employed.

Although there may be no interest in this subject by some, intelligence wisdom (WQ) grabs the attention of those seeking $100 million trillion in revolutionary, financial, real markets in 2008 real dollars over a 500-year horizon, managing stock market bubbles in science & technology part 2. Thus, justifying existence of our races to leadership that includes $25 trillion in the energy industry alone.

We need that $40 carbon tax, as an economic instrument (an economic disincentive) capable of bridging a marketplace where industry leaders refuse to reinvest; for subsidiaries that are freed of bureaucratic red tape, overburdening taxes, and provided with economic incentives in a nascent, emerging-market, green industry. Stock market Bonanza! Hurry and diversify.

Abraham Boulder

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Yellow, by Frank H. Wu. Quote from W.E.B. Du Bois.

Du Boi –
“The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color-line–the relation of the darker to the lighter races of men in Asia and Africa, in America and the islands of the sea.”

Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy-
“Consequently, do we amend the constitutions in racist white affinity, or do we recognize and acknowledge the memes instituted by our Founding Fathers (and Mothers), with acceptable, constructive Post-Modern criticism and defense that are steps forward, and that now do not need backward degeneracy in historical motion.

“Hence, let’s quit eyeing for answers with a monocle or a scope, and look at the field we focus on with gyroscope, spatial, divergent depths to uncover multiple answers to lead us to the correct solution, or solutions, and make an amendment, or a series of amendments to the U.S. Constitution, based on our faculties, and our time-honored experience.

Majority-vote determined by the qualified constituents of this American nation, whose republic’s governance centers on the U.S. Constitution, and decisions interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court; and law of action to dissolve this government stated in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, stands as tall as the Washington monument, for our ongoing U.S. history, if essentially, required to implement.”

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Is this possible

We do honor the Office of the President of the United States. But we wait in horror at rumors that there has been deals made to stop economic development from new emerging markets becoming “real markets” yielding “real dollars” profit

Aside from a drive in vogue to form fiscal policy to improve an economy by eliminating mass population who are not government personnel, the process is sticky, because a plague seems possibly emerging from so much killing globally.

Don’t expect these governments to be interested in stopping the plague–they may welcome it–having negotiated it politically, conceivably, at the White House, for an outcome where a vaccine-find race results in the few given the royal vaccination treatment only.

This is not meant to be a scare. It is a rumor. But in the unlikely event it is true, it is posted to be disproved, or confirmed.

Let me say, I truly respect and honor the United States of America’s government and the leadership that contains checks and balances as instituted by the living document–our U.S. Constitution.

If you see a crisis, amend the U.S. Constitution. If necessary and approval by the appropriate officials is granted to amendments, then there will be a series of them to better fit our present needs.

Abraham Bouldet

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Energy of disruption upon the brain of the Universe. A testimony of incomparable suffering

The turn of the string in string theory.  Arriving at the tangent in calculus–applied to the string’s twist or turn is a fluid DNA of the Universe.  Idea quantum.

And it’s schizophrenia.  The anti-matter influence on The theory of relativity (and order).  The amphetamine shakes’ energy, of five, seven, eleven amphetamine pills taken at one time.

Turn from Aryan Chi energy, towards the Vital energy Life force (Qi).  Turn away from the energy of disruption infant necromancy annhilation appetite!

The West takes matter and obliterates with a nuclear device.  But what remains.  The energy of the explosion.  Aryan Chi energy of rot, and putrefecation, and plague.  Survive the plague. Survive The War.  Rebirth.  Reborn.  Keep the information from the Enlightenment to the Modern, to Post-Modern constructive contributions.  This be “late in Civilization” said by a professor in The Great Course©, in “Why evil exists.” Regenerate. Not anymore: degenerate. Build a New Day.  A World civilization. Great Societies. Regional, nature preserve sovereignties.

Turn back Aryan excesses to Universal strivings, achievements, and glory.  Adapt to vital energy life force utilization, instead of Anti-matter’s Aryan energy death wish!

Abraham Boulder

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