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Energy of disruption upon the brain of the Universe. A testimony of incomparable suffering

The turn of the string in string theory.  Arriving at the tangent in calculus–applied to the string’s twist or turn is a fluid DNA of the Universe.  Idea quantum.

And it’s schizophrenia.  The anti-matter influence on The theory of relativity (and order).  The amphetamine shakes’ energy, of five, seven, eleven amphetamine pills taken at one time.

Turn from Aryan Chi energy, towards the Vital energy Life force (Qi).  Turn away from the energy of disruption infant necromancy annhilation appetite!

The West takes matter and obliterates with a nuclear device.  But what remains.  The energy of the explosion.  Aryan Chi energy of rot, and putrefecation, and plague.  Survive the plague. Survive The War.  Rebirth.  Reborn.  Keep the information from the Enlightenment to the Modern, to Post-Modern constructive contributions.  This be “late in Civilization” said by a professor in The Great Course©, in “Why evil exists.” Regenerate. Not anymore: degenerate. Build a New Day.  A World civilization. Great Societies. Regional, nature preserve sovereignties.

Turn back Aryan excesses to Universal strivings, achievements, and glory.  Adapt to vital energy life force utilization, instead of Anti-matter’s Aryan energy death wish!

Abraham Boulder

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Philosophical anti-matter

Identify the source, and exact a healing. Exact the cure.

Philosophical deconstructionism followed by philosophical anti-matter. The General Pattern.   The Beating arrhythmia, the intentional disturbance.  The subparticle physical quake.

That we have focused on matter degenerating to chaos. Now our focus lies on anti-matter and it:s strength to bring about the fall of mankind. From focus on science subject comes philosophical inquiry.

The Yang to the Ying. Anti-matter energy forces anti-springs to life.

Disturbances in oscillations of matter synchronous with antimatter’s nature of deep disturbance to the stability of the atom and mind. A blighting. A Great Physics plague.  The rattling of oscillations of matter by anti-matter.  The anti-matter energy succumbing matter’s general motion of energy.

Further than philosophical imagery, no longer a discussion of collapse, but of philosophical putrefecation, of philosophical rot, leading the mind to biological plague, now envisioned, now occurring.

We are at philosophical blight. Not at a biological decay, but the Great Disturbance of the mind. The anti-oscillations. The pain. The suffering–leading to the brain torture–the biological brain contouring. The biological brain sculpting.

From biological putrefecation, to subparticle physical putrefecation. From efferescence of idea quanta to tension vertigo and visual disturbances, and innervating profound disturbances of neurological structure and electrical disturbances.

Of chemical imbalances, ‘boiling” at room temperature.

A god’s insanity, manifested in universal disturbances in subparticle motion, and atomic particle oscillations.

Not contact annhilation.  But “a matter” of influence of general matter- The Great Disturbance.  The rattling marbles on the cranium and it’s affect to the mind.

The energy causation effecting chaos of matter.

The affect suffering.  The death to prove affect insistence, of a violent undertaking. (And the love and peace we seek upon death that leaves us everlasting, in growth of life (reincarnated), universally everpresent, and Wanting.  Wanting to be better.  Less damaging.  Less death.  More life.)

The Disturbances of the disturbed.  The insistence of it’s rightness.

Not wrong.  Scattered. Dispersed.  Solar [not] flare [starburst explosion) and the inevitable collapse (implosion), black hole.  The energy of anti-matter overpowering the oscillations of matter. (Not contact between anti-matter and matter, which is it’s annhilation.). Anti-matter’s influence. Philosophical devastation–not Annhilation.

Beyond annhilation existentialism.  The Disruptor.  the disturbance.

The disruption of the Grand Design.  The Bother. The Eternal peace Disruptor.  The delusional End.

Identify. Heal (therapy).  Choose to live, relearn how to live.  It’s not that this didn’t happen.  It appears.  But go Beyond.  To another chapter. Another Period beyond.

Abraham Boulder.

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy

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Killing at Stanford by some foreign students? China, perhaps??

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How far do we go? We need justice.

Make argumental essay on the murder of decent students whom had gained in their life time, universal moral standards, and subjected to oppression and persecution by criminal professors, coercing them to burglarize, steal cars, and conduct serial assassinations of members of society by being refined, subhuman educated and educators. (It’s not that they’re animals, it’s more a matter of fungi development, or more likely, cases of botulism.).

The killings, far from morally sound arguments of historical imperatives, more, the actions of a set of lunatics refusing medication from qualified doctors, posing as students and faculty, and promulgating the insanity of a state SS group waiting for federal employment in the Now.

Is this what the governor of the state of Washington spent a billion dollars for? Giving more students more opportunities in education.

But, unfortunately, the college and universities are molding them into homicidal psychopaths, determined by post-modern action, to eliminate the human species.

Is there any truth to the contemplated notion that a president bet against the sound construction of a Chinese-funded building of which a maintenance worker put the buildings’ condition status report on the WA state email system as a graduate student, making it public record, but inaccessible to the public, because it was subcategorized as an “university email system?”

“Did,” in my own private contemplation, “did this president,” I consider, “isolate and alienate the person who does this consideration, with a 3rd-rate accomplice much loved in feelings mainly derived from opoid abuse, heroin use, and a crack habit?

Were my civil rights summarily destroyed by gambling habits of presidents, who have possibly copyrighted my work, and intend to publish my best work, once my death is done in creative innovative, “natural”-contrived setting, to pay gambling debts? I wonder.

Abraham Boulder

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Jungian functioning intuition and Freudian couple-of-contrasting styles, (1) driven to madness, or (2) more Jesus for thousand years more, Abraham Boulder’s (3) God the Creator, God of sanity, health, redemption; thus genuine love, and expressing to the stranger, and those you think you know: lovingKindness, therefore amplifying, and emphasizing: decency, integrity, an allowance to be aware of “important” goals, not just rush jobs (“put the fires out”). Enough time for gelling, and catching up on subliminal messages you thought relevant, with an eye on, much-needed attention to problem-solving your participation for the next 200 years for the exoplanet’s equilibrium, and 300 years more for a 500-year Science II, of bioengineering diversity, filtering out single chemicals through biomass leaching, with bioengineered genes that only leaves the specified chemical, quantum -speed Tool AI

life force vs. death wish in intuitive, functioning in common subconscious.

The death wish is syndicated, loosely, in associations, cooperating fully with one another, or terrorist cells, via, by shared sentiment* (affective intelligence phenomena, organized by specific goals delineated on extremist websites and from newsrooms around the globe), and intuitive rearing, based on feelings and words, or together, language, in serious or fun transpersonal counterpoint, where intelligence, “reason is aspect of spirit” (-Gassendi) in words centered on a commons, running the gamut of:

(1) standard dictionaries from native tongues of Western thought, to

(2) geographical locations, such as,
(a) golf afecionado,
(b) tennis/racquet ball,
(c) basketball,
(d) musical club, as examples

While the general feel, or feelings are limbic-to-limbic subparticle or tiny nanostructure physics, involved in entanglement contact with each limbic system of a down payment individual brains interacting; Gassendi’s “reason” includes phenomena language with the feeling, that gets analyzed in the above commons mentioned, in the dimension of quantum physics.

****Definition of “sentiment” is below:****

New World dictionary (©2009-2017. MobiSystems, Inc).


7. the thought or meaning behind something said, done, or given, as distinct from the literal statement, act, etc.

Abraham Boulder. Keven

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